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First stop: Wiskind & BASF joint innovation seminar

Sep 04,2019 | Company News

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On September 2, Wiskind and Germany's basf held an innovative seminar at their pudong base in Shanghai.The two sides held brainstorming sessions on the three themes of product, personnel and promotion in the marketing 7P theory.

Basf feature building materials business in Asia Pacific director Larsen Kolberg, characteristics, material construction in China business management director Han Wei, characteristics, material building Asia Pacific technology development Sindhu Menon, features materials building Asia Pacific marketing Sujin Lee, basf, create a center Alexandre Dreyer and basf, the sales department, development department, Marketing Department, media department and other related colleagues for our warm reception.

Visit basf production base

In creation center, people are very interested in basf's innovative and creative products. It turns out that there are so many basf products around us besides polyurethane.

PU clean room panel adopts polyurethane raw material produced by basf company, which has excellent insulation performance. Reasonable plugging mode and installation node design ensure the airtight effect of the whole clean room enclosure system.Pu clean room wall panels material selection and processing are in accordance with the national industry environmental standards.

Visit Campus lab and TRDC

During the visit, people had a more comprehensive understanding of basf's r&d level and production capacity.Larsen will introduce the overall situation and social responsibility of basf.Sindhu Menon, Asia Pacific technical development department of basf characteristic materials building and Sujin Lee, Asia Pacific market department of characteristic materials building made a detailed introduction of basf's product positioning and market situation.

In the afternoon, the two sides welcomed the highlight of this activity -- joint innovation brainstorming.Liu qiong, manager of the sales department of basf characteristic materials and buildings, as the host of this session, introduced the rules of brainstorming. We divided into three activity groups, namely "product", "personnel" and "promotion", and quickly discussed the issues of this group.

During the discussion, everyone expressed their views on the needs and future development of customers, and all of them opened their minds to innovation.In order to ensure that everyone can fully express their own opinions on each topic, the group takes a rotation of every one hour, with the guide as the group leader to guide and record.

In the afternoon, we communicated with each other and collided with the sparks of innovation. The leaders of each group collected and sorted out our creative thinking and innovative ideas, and made a feasibility discussion and action plan with us.Finally, each group publishes the results and publishes the innovative projects and action plans discussed by the group.

Han wei, business management director of basf characteristic materials architecture in China, summed up the seminar in the afternoon. He said that through today's language exchange and thought collision, we can foresee that there will be many topics to carry out our joint innovation in the future, and both sides will also improve and make progress from the joint innovation.

Xu shuheng, general manager of Wiskind products company, summed up the activity: innovation is the driving force for every enterprise to move forward. Wiskind and basf have deep feelings and the concept of innovation is highly consistent.

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