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CPAPE Pharmaceutical Purification Engineering Enterprise Summit was held in Wiskind

Jul 15,2019 | Company News

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On July 12, 2019, the third high-level summit of pharmaceutical purification engineering enterprises was held at the headquarters of Wiskind Group. Targeting the pain points of the industry and enhancing the cooperation personality, the summit has become the innovative vane of “smart manufacturing” in the field of clean room enclosure.

Hard core: high specification, deep cooperation

The theme of this summit is “Intelligent Manufacturing and Development of the Enclosure Structure of Medicine Cleanrooms”.

The summit was hosted by China Medical Equipment Engineering Association (CPAPE) and co-organized by the Environmental Engineering Committee of the Association. With high specifications, high quality and innovative service models, the high-level summit has become an important communication platform in the field of clean engineering and containment systems.

More than 20 large-scale purification engineering companies, more than 30 representatives and special guests attended the summit, aiming at cleanroom engineering and enclosure problems, problems, pain points, discussing the future development of the industry, sharing the latest technology and wisdom.

Randian: intelligent, digital

At the meeting, the host Wiskind discussed and shared the innovation results with the guests.

Liu Shilin, R&D manager of Wiskind's R&D Center, made a keynote speech. The cleanroom panel automation production line, the highly automated clean door and window production line and the model design based on BIM technology became the focus of the summit. Intelligent manufacturing and digital construction will continuously enhance the product strength and service power of Wiskind's clean room enclosure system.

On the same day, the guests visited the production workshop of Wiskind's clean enclosure system, and expressed their high appreciation and “deep shock” to their automation level.

An ideological feast of intelligent manufacturing and technological innovation brings new impetus to the intelligent manufacturing and development of clean room enclosures. At the same time, the summit created new opportunities and new windows for deep cooperation and sharing innovation in the upstream and downstream of the clean room industry chain.

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