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Wiskind Cleanroom attends China International Dairy Technology Exhibition

Sep 08,2019 | Company News

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From August 30 to September 1, 2019 China (international) dairy technology expo was held in shijiazhuang international convention and exhibition center (zhengding). Wiskind was invited to participate in the exhibition to provide advanced cleanroom enclosure system solutions for dairy industry, integrate into the dairy industry chain, and promote the healthy development of industrial ecology.

At the exhibition, Wiskind products clean company provided clean production line envelope system solution for dairy industry, enabling the establishment of clean production environment.Wiskind cleanroom has introduced new modular cleanroom showrooms tailored for the food industry, featuring corrosion resistance and visualization.

The first use of the model room 304 stainless steel panels of clean wall and stainless steel system cleanroom door.In corrosion resistance, disinfection, flatness and other aspects, food grade 304 stainless steel has a more prominent performance.

Wiskind clean room windows applications provide high-end solutions for transparency in the dairy industry.Dairy products are related to the health of consumers, and the transparency of dairy production enterprises and public openness have become a new industry trend.Therefore, the clean large window can not only convey the production information efficiently, but also provide a window for the public to enter the production line.

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