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Wiskind launched the program in collaboration with Tongji university

Sep 14,2019 | Company News

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On September 14, 2019, Wiskind and tongji university signed a cooperation framework agreement to jointly develop the architecture design course and launch the "Wiskind Creative Architecture Competition ", which was successfully held at the headquarters of Wiskind.

Shuheng Xu manager said in his speech, industrial building is a blend of modern industrial layout, structure, material, color, it need the change of idea and design, this is the opportunity to cooperation with tongji university, and hope that through cooperation, to lead the trend of industrial building in the next five years in China, at the same time looking forward to more cooperation projects in the future.

Jianlong Zhang said that by visiting Wiskind, students have a real understanding of the steel structure and cleanroom wall panels.Building cleanroom products have been widely used, and customized prefabricated steel structures have also come into public view. Tongji university, as a national experimental teaching center, will give full play to its professionalism and application.

As an important part of the 2nd Wiskind innovation festival, the Wiskind creative architecture design competition was jointly launched by Wiskind and tongji university for the reconstruction of the minimal buildings on campus.Tongji university recommended two excellent schemes as the results of the first round of the competition.

Longzhu Wei , chairman of Wiskind, commented on the scheme, "the architectural design should focus on the practical, on the basis of which the soul of the design will be combined, and the feeling will be more natural and harmonious.Users can think of the past and see the future."

" The design is not an art installation, but an event generator that can be used by teachers and students. This is the essence of architecture."

Before the signing ceremony, tongji university visited the production base and research institute of Wiskind headquarters under the guidance of mastercard's reception and escort, and was deeply impressed by the advanced equipment from Europe and the world's first automatic production line of clean room panel.

The cooperation with tongji university is a key step of open innovation jointly taken by Wiskind and tongji university. The cooperation will give full play to the advantages of architectural design education of tongji university and Wiskind in the field of building materials and engineering, and promote the collaborative innovation of "industry-university-research-application".

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