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Wiskind and TRIMO Group jointly set up the China operations center, Qbiss One landed in the Chinese market

Oct 13,2019 | Company News

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October 8, 2019, Wiskind Steel Building Stock Co., Ltd. and TRIMO Group jointly established Trimo China Operation Center.

Wiskind officially launched the “TRIMO” series of high-end metal curtain wall products in China, bringing innovative solutions to Qbiss One for Chinese customers and creating unique value.

The world's top, meet high-end demand.

Developed by the Slovenian TRIMO Group, Qbiss One is the world's leading prefabricated metal modular wall system that perfectly integrates functionality, form, aesthetics, and economics. Clients include Airbus, Heathrow, Nestle, Philips, IKEA, Porsche, McLaren, Mercedes and more. Qbiss One enters China and will meet the higher quality needs of its customers and promote eco-innovation in the industry.

Seamless rounded corners, 30 years of ultimate corrosion resistance.

The QbissOne metal sandwich panel, full rock wool core material, its patented seamless fillet technology, and non-combustible core material make it stand out for up to 30 years of ultimate corrosion protection. The seamless fillet is applied to the pre-painted steel plate to eliminate the cutting, bending, welding, sanding and baking process of the traditional four-sided metal sheet, which is usually weak, easy to function and eventually discolored in the traditional metal sandwich panel area.

Stereo arrangement, stronger design.

QbissOne offers a choice of flat or curved plates for greater flexibility, with a tongue or flush connector, or a combination of both. Qbiss unit wall panels can also be mounted in a variety of different directions, including vertical, horizontal, and cross-stacked "cube" effects. These combinations offer the widest range of design possibilities and make the building unique.

Purline-free construction saves 40% of construction costs.

Based on structural rock wool technology, the QbissOne features a self-supporting, flawless system that can be directly attached to major steel structures or lightweight steel frames and sturdy walls. Sheet lengths range from 530 mm to 6,500 mm, with excellent flatness on all sizes of wall panels. Fully prefabricated containment system solutions reduce construction time by up to 40% and significantly reduce total investment costs.

ArtMe, New visual world.

QbissOne also realizes the ArtMe effect that has won the Red Dot Design Award. It can engrave various visual effects such as shapes, characters, patterns, light and shadows on the building skin to realize the individualization of the facade of the building and open up new vision. world. ArtMe uses highly controlled 3D forming technology, and the integrity and physical properties of the metal panel are unaffected.

The establishment of the Trimo China Operations Center is the beginning of the TRIMO Group's entry into the Chinese market. After the Qbiss One product, the TRIMO Group's entire line of products will be gradually introduced. According to the cooperation framework agreement, Wiskind and TRIMO Group will form a technical, sales and promotion team to build long-term strategic partnerships around product innovation, customer service, and market development, bringing higher-dimensional products to China's building envelopes service.


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