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GEZE Clean Room Steel Door Locks Handle Sets For Biological Cleanroom

Locks are essential for the classification of areas in a clean room. A lock is an enclosed area between two or more rooms with different levels of cleanliness. Rooms in different cleanroom cleanliness are closed and locked to each other. Wiskind offers different types of locks and control systems to meet your individual needs.

Product Orgin: China/Shandong

Shipping Port: Qingdao


Material: Stainless Steel

Surface Treatment: Stainless Steel Wire Drawing

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Wiskind clean room door locks with German GEZE, GEZE cleanroom door accessories product range includes plug lock, European standard lock core, European standard handle and hinge.

The dimensions of all products are in accordance with DIN standard (the size of plug lock is in accordance with DIN 18251 standard, the size of European standard lock core is in accordance with DIN 18252 standard, the size of European standard handle is in accordance with DIN 18255 standard), and they are functionally compatible with each other, the appearance of the same style.And the consistent eye-catching overall design and quality assurance, to meet the different applications and personalized needs, so as to create a complete integrated solution for customers, presenting the overall GEZE look and feel.

Six bullets brass lock core, durable, the lock core is not easy to break.The lock core is made of high quality brass with good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength and mechanical characteristics.Six bullets design, good feel, higher safety factor.

GEZE Cleanroom Locks:

1、Customized with the German GEZE, clean and fireproof split handle lock, universal European standard lock body (universal strong, can replace any European standard lock body, convenient for later maintenance),With steel clean room door collocation use, beautiful generou.

2、Fire resistance level of 90 minutes,continuous fatigue test 200,000 times of opening and closing(according to daily use, 100 times a day, to ensure no failure for 6 years)

Wiskind clean room door locks with German GEZE

Other Types Locks:

1、If you need other clean door lock brands, Wiskind can also provide them, for example, customized locks from well-known lock manufacturers such as Allegion of the United States and MERONI of Italy.

2、The hourly salt spray testin the appearance part 96 is non-destructive, and can withstand the high-frequency disinfection of the pharmaceutical and medical industries; it meets the actual use requirements of the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

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GEZE Clean Room Steel Door Locks Handle Sets For Biological Cleanroom

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