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How to deal with rust in stainless steel construction

Aug 18,2023 | Blog

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When producing stainless steel cleanroom panels, the requirements for stainless steel are usually relatively high, but sometimes stainless steel rusts, how should we solve it?


1. During construction, the surface of stainless steel is scratched and the protective film is damaged due to defects such as residues during cutting, spatter during welding, and defects such as bites, pores, and cracks in the welding area, or contact with carbon steel parts and other sharp objects. Corrosion due to damage.

2. The rust of stainless steel has a lot to do with the environmental conditions it is in during use. Stainless steel is corrosion resistant under normal conditions. However, when the air contains a large amount of chlorine medium such as salt, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, oxalic acid, detergent or alkali such as cement, lime and other impurities, the surface protective film will also be corroded and destroyed, causing stainless steel to rust


1. When there is splashing and non-sticking on the stainless steel surface, clean it with pure water in time, and then wipe it clean with cotton cloth and rust removal paste.

2. When salt, hydrochloric acid and other sundries appear, clean them with pure water in time, and then use a polishing machine to put rust removal paste on them to polish and remove rust.

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