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How to deal with the collapse or sagging of the cleanroom ceiling panel

Aug 22,2023 | Blog

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Cause :

1. The panel is too heavy and the span is large

2. High density of ceiling tie rods

3. Improper on-site maintenance has not been strengthened.

4 The effect of the two sides frame cleanroom panel as a roof is poor, and the rockwool itself has problems.

5. The silica rock is used as the roof to open holes and cracks appear


1. For the cleanroom ceiling panel, it is suggested that the span of a single panel should not exceed 3 meters, and the four sides frame cleanroom panel should be smaller.

2. The density of the tie rods should be increased when the person is on the top.

3. The color steel panel can be reinforced in the factory.

4. The length of the top panel of the two sides frame cleanroom panel is controlled at about 2.6m, the thickness of the steel panel is not less than 0.47-0.5mm, and the rockwool is reinforced cotton.

5. Silica rock itself has low strength and is only suitable for wall panels. Silica rock is brittle and automatically crack after cutting

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