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Become an excellent cleanroom panel for your use

Sep 08,2023 | Blog

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With the continuous development of high-end manufacturing industries such as electronic semiconductors, biomedicine, and new energy, the use of clean rooms is becoming more and more extensive, and its role is becoming more and more important. The requirements for the cleanliness of clean rooms are also getting higher and higher. A special antibacterial panel for clean rooms has emerged, which is the cleanroom panel.

The selection of cleanroom panels directly affects the quality, efficiency and safety of the controlled environment of the cleanroom. How to choose the appropriate cleanroom panels is very knowledgeable.

1.Panel Surface

Walls and ceilings used in clean rooms should be flat, smooth, free from dust, not easy to store dust, and easy to remove dust. Does not generate static electricity, is not easy to be charged, and will not be deformed or damaged due to changes in temperature and humidity or vibration.

2.Corrosion Resistance

Clean rooms usually require frequent wiping with water, disinfectant, alcohol and other liquids. Some disinfectant liquids have certain chemical properties and will cause the material surface to discolor and fall off, which requires the cleanroom panel surface to have a certain degree of corrosion resistance.

3.Weather Resistance

Biological cleanrooms such as operating rooms are usually equipped with strong oxidizing gas devices for sterilization, which may accelerate the oxidation and corrosion of objects in the environment, especially metals, and may also cause fading and discoloration of general coating surfaces. Therefore, this type of clean room requires its cleanroom panel to have good oxidation resistance and not easy to rust.


Reliable sealing measures should be taken for the structure and construction gaps of cleanroom doors, windows, walls, ceilings, floors (floors), and the airtightness of doors and windows, as well as the airtightness of color steel panel connections.


The color in the cleanroom should be light and soft, so that workers can work in a comfortable environment.

Although most cleanrooms "look similar", there are still many differences in cleanrooms depending on the industry and controlled environment. Wiskind cleanroom panel is made of color steel panel, aluminum alloy panel and other materials as the panel, and rock wool, gypsum panel, MGO panel, aluminum honeycomb, etc. as the core material. The product has excellent performance and has unique dust-proof, anti-static and anti-bacterial properties. It is suitable for all kinds of cleanroom projects with strict indoor environment requirements, and is an ideal cleanroom enclosure material.

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