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Sep 13,2023 | Blog

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In the 1940s, the United States created the world's first cleanroom, and modern clean technology was born. The origin of the term "cleanroom" can be traced back to the 1950s in the United States, where it was originally used to describe a laboratory environment. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, clean rooms have now become an essential environmental element in advanced manufacturing and are widely used in semiconductors, aerospace, new energy, biomedicine, food processing and other fields.


Looking back at the development of our country's clean room industry, in the 1960s, by learning from advanced foreign technologies, our country's cleanrooms were mainly used in scientific research fields such as national defense, aerospace, and atomic energy industry. Along with industrial upgrading, the rapid development of national strategic emerging industries such as semiconductors and pan-semiconductors, new energy, and biomedicine in China has greatly driven the growth of clean room demand and the continuous innovation of clean room technology.


An important indicator for measuring cleanrooms - cleanliness

Cleanrooms can be divided into industrial cleanrooms and biological cleanrooms according to their uses. Industrial clean rooms mainly control the pollution of inanimate particles such as air dust to the working environment, and are widely used in integrated circuits, precision instruments, aerospace, new energy and other fields; biological cleanrooms mainly control the pollution of living particles such as bacteria and microorganisms. Pollution in the working environment is mainly used in fields such as biopharmaceuticals, food industry, high-end medical equipment and animal laboratories.

Cleanliness is one of the important indicators to measure the grade of clean room. my country's clean room grade standards, like the international standard ISO14644, are classified based on the sole indicator of suspended particle concentration.


Wiskind Cleanroom, innovation leads the innovation of the cleanroom industry

As a basic construction project of high-end manufacturing industry, cleanrooms have always kept pace with industrial development. By applying innovative materials to clean engineering, the use time of clean engineering can be effectively extended and a long-lasting and beautiful manufacturing production environment can be created. Wiskind focuses on exploring new technologies, new products and new concepts for clean room enclosure systems, and is committed to creating environmentally friendly cleanrooms.


The color-coated plate Higysteel® product launched by Wiskind Cleanroom and Baosteel was customized by Nordic colorists. The whiteness increased by 4 units and the color difference control level increased by 60%, which perfectly solved the problem of visual color difference; and the glossiness was reduced by 42.9%, which greatly It reduces visual fatigue caused by glare in the clean room; the flatness is improved by 66.7%. Silver ions Ag+ and anti-viral factors are added to the coating, and the anti-viral activity rate is >99%. The excellent performance of Higysteel®

makes it more suitable for industrial clean spaces and creates a new beginning for industrial aesthetics.



For various disinfection environments such as VHP disinfection, alcohol, and neochloride wiping in cleanroom B-level areas such as biological products, blood products, vaccines, etc., Wiskind has launched the special panel Endure® product for biological clean rooms. As a special steel plate for the pharmaceutical industry, the unique properties of Endure® include excellent weather resistance, excellent mechanical properties, ductility, resistance to corrosion from many chemicals, solvents and colorants, stain resistance, easy cleaning, and fire resistance. Excellent, safe and environmentally friendly.




Wiskind continues to explore new materials, new technologies and new solutions, and innovatively develops integrated corner panels, hollow return air unit modules, stainless steel waterproof wall bases, removable panels and other cleanroom enclosure products. As the industry continues technological innovation, we will Adhering to "Everything is for customers' peace of mind and glory", we will jointly promote the comprehensive development of clean rooms in our country.

Wiskind Cleanroom has now become a professional cleanroom enclosure system service provider , an advocate and practitioner of prefabricated clean rooms. We are always committed to providing complete clean room enclosure system solutions and unique competitive value-added solutions to global customers.

In the future, Wiskind will adhere to the principle of "innovation leads industry innovation and empowers China's manufacturing industry", leads product creation with the spirit of innovation, actively promotes the development of clean industry envelope structure products in a green, friendly, and low-carbon direction, and jointly empowers the clean industry

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