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How to deal with the steel door seal strip falling off

Sep 20,2023 | Blog

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1. In terms of raw materials: the wax paper on the surface of the steel door after spraying is too high.

2. In terms of personnel: During the production process, employees used acetone to wipe the foaming area of the door leaf sealing strip. The wiping was not completely wiped in place or the acetone was not completely wiped off the foaming contact surface.

3. Management: The process standards for steel door seal strip foaming are not perfect and have not been implemented in place.


1. Communicate with the spraying manufacturer about the thickness standard requirements of our door leaf spraying wax paper.

2. Re-formulate the standards for the operating methods and requirements of foaming personnel during the operation (after wiping with acetone, start foaming, the first one to foam is peeled, pulled, and pulled to conduct a bonding strength test. Re-formulate the foaming standards Standard requirements and inspection methods.

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