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Modular Laboratory Cleanroom Door Hinges

Wiskind hinges are divided into two types, 304 stainless steel hinges, convenient for on-site installation and commissioning, durable; aluminum alloy hinges, beautiful and generous, no dust, easy to clean, acid and alkali resistant. Widely used in clean rooms such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, and food.

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Hinge Type: 304 Stainless Steel Hinge,Aluminium Alloy Hinge

Quantity: Single door: 3 pay Double doors: 6 pay

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Hinge is often composed of two folds, which are parts that connect two parts of an object and can move it.

Hinge Type

304 Stainless Steel Hinge,Aluminium Alloy Hinge


Single door: 3 pay  

Double doors: 6 pay

Wiskind hinges are divided into two types, 304 stainless steel hinges, which are convenient for installation and debugging on-site, and durable; aluminum alloy hinges are beautiful and elegant, do not produce dust, are easy to clean, and are resistant to acid and alkali disinfection. Widely used in pharmaceutical, electronics, food and other clean rooms.

304 stainless steel hinge: Wiskind customizes high quality 304 stainless steel hinge, easy to install and debug on the spot, durable, can resist acid and alkali disinfection, can be used in high frequency for a long time, door fan does not droop.

304 stainless steel hinge (customized high-strength stainless steel hinge can bear 30kg per pair), one more pair of hinges than traditional doors, which can effectively prevent the door from sagging after long-term use, better durability, better overall strength, removable design Convenient for on-site installation and maintenance.

 Wiskind customizes high quality 304 stainless steel hinge

Aluminum alloy hinge:optional Wiskind patentable adjustable clean hinge,beautiful and generous, no dust, easy to clean, durable, resistant to acid and alkali disinfection, with patented door seam adjustable function; (standard is not adjustable version)

Aluminum alloy hinge

When buying a cleanroom door, in addition to choosing a good-quality, cost-effective hinge to ensure durability and easy cleaning, other requirements must also be paid attention to. The following are Wiskind's views that each customer must consider before choosing a cleanroom door Thing.

1.Easy to integrate 

When choosing a cleanroom door, be aware that many manufacturers sell only the doors in their systems. This makes it difficult to change parameters within the facility to compromise the integrity of the cleanroom door. However, regardless of the manufacturer, the Wiskind cleanroom door can be installed in any cleanroom. The thickness of the door is 50mm, which is flush with the cleanroom wall panel, with higher flatness and a more beautiful appearance.

cleanroom door with higher flatness and a more beautiful appearance

2. Good sealing performance 

In the cleanroom door leaf seal, it should be noted that the seals around the clean door of the large department on the market are made of ordinary sealing strips. The structure is unstable, and the long-term use will cause the falling off phenomenon, and the airtightness in the cleanroom cannot be guaranteed, resulting in cleanliness. Loss of pressure inside the room.

Wiskind cleanroom door seals are made of (air, ship, precision electrical cabinet industry) German equipment, German technology, German polyurethane glue on-site foam production, stable structure, not easy to fall, life is ordinary adhesive rubber seal 4 to 5 times It can resist UV, alcohol and other disinfection. It is not easy to age under a frequent disinfection environment. It is non-toxic and harmless to the human body. It has excellent airtightness and can effectively prevent the pressure inside the cleanroom from being lost and ensure the airtightness in the cleanroom.

3. Door lock selection 

The number of times the cleanroom door lock of the door is locked is the key factor determining the life of the door lock. When selecting the cleanroom door lock, pay attention to whether the number of the door opening and closing times of the door lock has special experimental report data to determine the service life. Also, consider different door lock types at different locations.

4. Quality after-sales service

Determine the specifications of the cleanroom door. When selecting a supplier, whether it is a large company or a small company, look at the services provided, whether there is a professional team to solve the problems encountered, including the confirmation of the drawings and the accessories of the door. The high-quality service is to avoid the problem of door replacement, and thus pay a higher cost.

Wiskind provides customers with a comprehensive solution for professional cleanroom enclosures and implements a full range of integrated services. Including demand analysis, program design, quotation, production orders, delivery, construction guidance, and daily use and maintenance services. Four subsidiaries, 13 offices and more than 100 business and technical personnel are located throughout the country to provide timely and face-to-face services to customers. An information management system that covers the entire business process to make customer service more standardized and efficient.

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Modular Laboratory Cleanroom Door Hinges

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