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Project Case : Ping MEI LONG JI Amperex Technology Limited

Apr 14,2023 | Electronic Semiconductor Enclosure Structure

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Ping MEI LONG JI Amperex Technology Limited

Address:Xuchang, Henan
Product:MGO and rockwool cleanroom panel、Ceiling system、Cleanroom door
Ping MEI LONG JI Amperex Technology Limited
It is mainly engaged in the production and sales of crystalline silicon solar cells, components and related electronic products, as well as the design, research and development, integration and operation management of
solar application systems.

MGO and rockwool cleanroom panel

Smooth surface, fine structure, excellent product performance

Wiskind ceiling system

Modular design, large plasticity, flexible assembly and matching

Ceiling frame system

The lower FUU frame single-layer ceiling is selected, and the FUU frame system has a variety of components, which is suitable for the electronics and semiconductor industries

Door and window system

Rugged and durable, providing a suitable solution for cleanroom doors and windows

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