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Project Case : Jiangxi Coagent Electronic S&T Co., Ltd.

Apr 04,2023 | Electronic Semiconductor Enclosure Structure

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Jiangxi Coagent Electronic S&T Co., Ltd.

Project Address: Fengcheng, Jiangxi

Area: 24000㎡

Products: Wiskind glass magnesium rockwool cleanroom panel, cleanroom doors, cleanroom window

Double glass magnesium rockwool cleanroom panel

Application: production workshop, OB workshop, CMM workshop, laboratory, IOS6 workshop

Panel: beautiful appearance, fireproof and heat preservation

Core material: high-quality hydrophobic rockwool

Galvanized corner: fireproof, anti-aging

Frame keel: fire and heat insulation

Cleanroom level:ISO6 thousand level/ten thousand level workshop

Ceiling:single glass magnesium rockwool cleanroom panel

G1-Max steel door

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