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Recommendations for the preparation of URS for clean room steel doors

May 15,2019 | Blog

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This User Requirements Standard (URS) is to specify the clean room technical requirements. At the same time, this document takes Wiskind cleanroom steel doors as an example, and provides some information and suggestions about the clean room containment system for your reference.

The material selection of the envelope structure should be good in air tightness (2% airtight leak rate in the clean room), and when the temperature and humidity change, the material with small deformation, including color steel plate, sealant, and rubber seal must be processed.

Customization Easy Clean Sturdy SS Steel Cleanroom Doors

It is guaranteed to be smooth, dust-free and dust-free. The general requirement for installation is that the surface of the cleanroom wall panel, clean room ceiling panel and clean room door and window of the clean room envelope structure should be smooth and flat, and the sanitary corner should be avoided, which is conducive to daily cleaning, disinfection and sterilization.

Technical requirements for clean room steel doors (including but not limited to the following)

1. The door leaf material is formed by 0.8mm whole zinc-free galvanized steel plate, and the door frame material is made of 1.2mm galvanized steel sheet, which is bent and welded (galvanized sheet can prevent corrosion and rust in the interior of the door without spraying). Pollution clean area.)

2. The interior of the door is filled with flame-retardant paper honeycomb or aluminum honeycomb. It should be made of environmentally-friendly hot-press glue. It is hot-pressed to ensure the strength of the door body. It is environmentally friendly and healthy (hot pressing process, the door body strength is more than 50% stronger than the cold pressure, and it is not easy to degumming. The door body is not easy to be deformed and durable, adopts environmentally friendly hot-press glue, and has no long-term volatile formaldehyde, which is harmless to the human body.

Double Cleanroom Windows

3. The surface of the door body is sprayed with UV-resistant electrostatic resin powder. The thickness of the door is ≧70μm. It can withstand long-term ordinary disinfection, wiping, long-term use without fading, surface color optional (prevent the use of low-cost indoor resin powder, the paint surface is not resistant to hanging , easy to fade).

4. The door body adopts 3 integral 304 stainless steel detachable hinges for easy installation. The door body, door frame and hinge pad are designed with integral inner ribs, which are not easy to deform and sag for long-term use. (304 stainless steel hinges will not rust, the design of the ribs will ensure that the door will not sag for a long time).

5. The door perimeter sealing strip is made of imported polyurethane foaming whole door. It is not allowed to use 3M adhesive bonding sealing strip and embedded sealing strip. The bottom of the door is equipped with automatic lifting and sweeping sealing strip. The sealing strip can be replaced and designed to ensure good door. Sealing (adhesive seal is prone to bond failure and fall off, silicone seal strip is easy to age and elastic failure, and the whole door seal performance is degraded)

Steel Cleanroom Doors

6. Clean room window on the door: Double-layer tempered glass cleanroom window, hollow seal built-in desiccant to prevent fogging, stainless steel inner keel, overall independent replaceable design, consistent with the thickness of the door leaf.

7.Using the European standard "L" type 304 stainless steel split body, handle lock, fire lock body, the inside of the door body is protected by the whole galvanized steel plate to prevent the inner core material from contaminating the clean area through the lock hole, prolonging the service life of the lock body.

8. The steel cleanroom door should meet the requirements of fire protection regulations and ensure the evacuation requirements of personnel.

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