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Why Choose Wiskind Cleanroom Panel?

May 17,2019 | Blog

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Wiskind cleanroom panel is designed to allow the placement of both electrical and mechanical outlets in the wall cavity before the on-site installation. If you are looking for custom-made quality clean room panels with excellent performance, on-site splicing, factory pre-engineered, and seamless installation, then let Wiskind handle your cleanroom project. Our products have been tested against cutting and buffing during the process of on-site installation and can be adapted to a wide range of modular cleanroom systems.

We tailor our material for the cleanroom panel based on your need according to the settings or environment of the application. Some of the factors we consider while manufacturing our clean room panel include noise reduction, fireproof, heat preservation, and moisture proof.

Modular Sandwich Wall Panel

Wiskind cleanroom panel is suitable for hole reinforcement, and strategically built to minimize secondary contamination during use. Also, our product can adapt to the various environment since the partition wall is made from different items as the core material. Wiskind core materials include rock wool, paper honeycomb, PU, EPS, aluminum honeycomb, etc. Cleanroom panels material and panel coating are custom-made according to environmental use. For instance, our aluminum cleanroom panel offers low eight, mechanical stability, outstanding flatness, and high strength all at low weight. All our cleanroom panels are FM approved with GMP ratings.

Our cleanroom panel also has modular sandwich wall panel, this kind of cleanroom panel is directly spliced at the plant site, and requires no need for aluminum profiles for connection, matches cleanroom door and cleanroom window. It is suitable for biological cleanroom industry.

Aluminum Cleanroom Panel

Whether you need our pu cleanroom panel as a cleanroom wall system or as lining for an existing structure due for an upgrade, Wiskind cleanroom panel is available at affordable prices. You can rest assured with the durability and performance of all our products.All our panels are available in various materials, sizes, and thickness suitable for different environment and usage.

Many manufacturers of cleanroom panel exist on the internet with everyone claiming to be the real deal. However, Wiskind stands out in that our panel offers outstanding benefits our competitors will struggle to match. They include:

Modular Cleanroom Systems

- Availability of pre-fabricated or pre-engineered products that can be customized for different functions.

- Products can be used aluminum profiles and are optimized for convenient, fast and modular installation with the non-standard ones opened to customization.

- Buyers have the right to check the core material fire ratings and return if not up to standard.

- The cleanroom wall partition systems follow an automatic production line.

- Chance of choosing between 6 different materials to provide options for buyers.

- To quality designed product with durability, desired flatness, stability, and overall top-notch clean board aesthetics.

- Precise evaluation and controlled sheet metal forming, core filling, finished palletizing, gluing and composite molding.

- Improved efficiency of up to 8 times observed in the production line.

- Pre-assembled line pipeline box optimized for reducing secondary pollution while using.

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