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URS for clean room ceiling panels,Technical requirements to write like this

May 13,2019 | Blog

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There are a large number of customers asking for help: Is it possible to provide a standard URS for clean room wall panels? Based on the opinions of many practical experts, Wiskind combines some technical points of the Shandong Wiskind brand to sort out the technical parameters of the “50mm double gypsum rock surface clean room ceiling panel”, which can be used as a reference for the URS. Helpful.

Clean color steel plate is one of the necessary products in the clean area of pharmaceutical enterprises. However, the processing capacity and manufacturing level of color steel plate manufacturing enterprises are different, and the difference is large. Therefore, there is a suitable “URS” to improve the choice of color for pharmaceutical companies. The price/performance aspect of the steel plate is crucial.

Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Panels

Technical requirements for clean room enclosures:

The material selection of the retaining structure should be good in air tightness (2% airtight leak rate in clean room), and when the temperature and humidity change, the material with small deformation, including color steel plate, sealant, and rubber seal must be processed. Guaranteed smooth and smooth, no dust, no dust.

The overall installation requirement is to modular clean room wall panel of the building envelope. The surface of the cleanroom ceiling panel and the cleanroom doors and windows should be smooth and flat. The sanitary corner should be avoided, which is conducive to daily cleaning, disinfection and sterilization.

Z-Grid Ceiling Systems

Clean room Ceiling panel:

1) The cleanroom ceiling panel is made of 50mm manual double-sided gypsum rock wool sandwich color steel plate. The total thickness of the color steel sandwich panel is 50mm, the width deviation is less than 1mm, and the thickness deviation is not more than 0.5mm.

2) The steel plates on both sides of the wall panel are made of Shanghai Baosteel Co., Ltd., with a thickness of not less than 0.5mm, the lacquer layer is PE polyester, and the galvanizing content is Z120.

3) Adopt high-quality imported waterproof gypsum board, non-wedge board surface, higher flatness, gypsum thickness not less than 9.5mm.

4) The high quality hydrophobic rock wool core material used by Wiskind is specially waterproofed, non-hygroscopic, hydrophobic, slender, no capillary penetration, water ≥98%, melting temperature up to 1000 °C, weight standard Far-high peers and industry standards, the bending load is 1.25KN/m2; the two-component anhydrous polyurethane glue has a bonding ratio of more than 98%.

5) It can be installed with filters and lamps. The connection surface between the ceiling plate and the lamps and filters should be smooth, and the joints should be sealed with neutral glue to ensure good airtightness.

6) The top plate is a detachable item that can meet the load of personnel inspection (150 kg/m2) and can withstand wind pressure upwards greater than 150Pa.

7) The material filled in the ceiling panel meets the requirements of the environment and has good heat insulation.

8) The contractor shall confirm that the fire endurance meets the design fire protection requirements.

9) Production mode: The quality of automated production lines and manual production and processing is definitely different. However, there are not many color steel plate manufacturers with automated production line levels. Wiskind introduces advanced equipment and production technology from abroad, and has the world's first automatic production line for pharmaceutical cleanroom panels with independent intellectual property rights, forming an annual production capacity of more than 2 million square meters of sheet metal.

Important hint:

1, URS technical requirements, for reference only, not standard, users still have to decide according to their own budget and the grade of color steel plate. After all, one penny is worth the price, the color plate market is deep, and the price cannot be discussed with good quality. It is also impossible to talk about quality with low prices.

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