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In the production process, due to the difference of temperature difference, humidity and sealing treatment, the produced cleanroom window will have corresponding problems during the use, such as conde

May 10,2019 | Blog

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Boasting high resistance to water, mechanical wears, chemical, abrasion and steam, Wiskind Cleanroom HPL Partition Wall is industrially designed to offer durability and quality. It features over forty layers of kraft integrated with phenolic resin and melamine with the transparent finish on both outer sides protecting the decorative coatings beneath. Our HPL Cleanroom Partition Wall is primarily designed to be used in the controlled-contamination environment, and this is why it offers maximum protection against bacteria and other contaminants.

HPL Cleanroom Panel

Protecting the panel during the production stage is the PVC coating that provides resistance during the transportation and the installation processes.It spots a 1200mm width and the length ranging from 2400mm – 3600mm with a wall thickness of 50mm and a 3mm steel facer thickness. Wiskind Cleanroom HPL Partition has aluminum and honeycomb as the core of its raw material, and it comes with a frame thickness of 1.0mm.

HPL Partition Wall Panel

We employed an aluminum profile for the system connection owing to its simple structure and ease of disassembly. The panel features a sandwich structure usually filled with paper honeycomb, rock wool, and other insulating materials. This highly rated High-Pressure Laminate Partition Wall is suitable for a wide range of industries including pharmaceutical, military, electronic, aerospace and other industries in need of the high level of purity.

Cleaning the HPL Partition Wall especially in the pharmaceutical industry is easy; with the use of hydrogen peroxide whether in dry or wet gasification and other sterilizers, you can achieve the maximum purity.

Wiskind Cleanroom HPL Doors

Wiskind Cleanroom HPL Partition Wall Features


Built for strength, made to last longer, these are the words that best describe our HPL system. Our products are specially manufactured using quality materials to offer a long term use with maximum impact absorption.

·High Resistance

It has a high resistance to abrasion, water, humidity, heat, chemical, and all agents of weather. For instance, our HPL Partition wall doesn’t fade when exposed to sunlight. As a plus, it is effortless to maintain with seamless cleaning and less dust accumulation.

·Suitable for Outdoor Use

Due to its uniform structure and compactness, Wiskind cleanroom wall panel offers maximum strength at all points with the pattern, texture and color tone of the melamine board in abundance. This makes it perfect for outdoor uses regardless of the appearance and strength requirement.

The HPL clean room door is flush with the cleanroom wall panel system, and the clean room door is one of the most popular products for customers.

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