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Wiskind cleanroom window - 60 ° C no condensation experiment succeeded

May 09,2019 | Blog

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In the production process, due to the difference of temperature difference, humidity and sealing treatment, the produced cleanroom window will have corresponding problems during the use, such as condensation, affecting the clean room windows effect and use. Condensation is one of the most concerned issues and concerns of the entire clean industry.

Wiskind for better customer service to ensure product quality and provide customers with the most satisfactory products, we conducted condensation testing on clean windows. Condensation test standards refer to British Standard BS5713: 1979 "Insulating Glass Technical Requirements", ASTM E546-88 "Insulated Glass Dew Point Testing Method" and JIS R3209-1998 "Insulated Glass" standard.

Clean Room Window Condensation Principle

Dew point test principle:

1、After the dew point meter is placed, the glass surface is partially cooled. When a certain temperature is reached, the internal water vapor dews at the cooling point, and the temperature is dew point. Ethyl ketone or acetone having a depth of about 25 mm was injected into the container of the dew point meter, and dry ice was added thereto, and the temperature was cooled to be equal to or lower than -40 ° C and maintained at the temperature during the test.

Cleanroom Windows Condensation Experiment

2、Place the sample horizontally and apply a layer of ethanol or acetone on the upper surface to bring the dew point meter into close contact with the surface.

Original Sheet Glass TCK / mm

Contact Time / min


3、Remove the dew point meter and immediately observe the presence or absence of condensation or frost on the inner surface of the glass sample.

4、The experimental results: Wiskind clean window has no condensation at -60 °C.

Clean Room Windows

Wiskind Windows:

1、Wiskind's clean room windows are produced in a dry, thermostatically controlled environment with black borders (white edges);

2、Aluminum alloy reinforced keel invention patent, group angle sealing treatment, the whole interior uses soft butyl rubber, external structural sealant, double seal;

3、Internal hollow treatment, built-in desiccant, can be filled with argon gas, strengthen the internal drying effect, prevent condensation inside the window under the environment of high humidity and temperature difference;

4、It is flush with the cleanroom panel, beautiful and easy to clean.

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