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How to correctly identify the quality of a clean room door?

May 09,2019 | Blog

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The clean door is an indispensable auxiliary equipment in the modular clean room systems. Its quality directly affects the cleanliness level of the clean room. Therefore, it is very important for the customer to correctly identify the clean door. Wiskind is the main clean room door manufacturers. Business, through the years of experience and the research of several large clean engineering projects of Wiskind, we have compiled the following points.

Clean doors refer to the doors used in conjunction with clean room projects. They must meet the general requirements of clean room specifications, such as non-corrosive, dust-free, easy to clean, and free of dead angles. The clean door is designed and manufactured for easy cleaning and disinfection of the door in the clean room.

High-quality Clean Room Doors

As a whole, the main body is made of two 1.0mm galvanized sheetings, and the joint is welded with a mechanical arm (aerospace and automotive industry welding standards). The whole frame is bent by 1.5mm thick galvanized sheet, and the frame is framed. The whole and group angle welding are all processed by automatic mechanical arm welding (aerospace, automotive industry welding standards), the welding is stable and reliable, no welding, no welding, large frame strength, stable structure, not easy to twist, deformation.

The filling material is made of flame-retardant paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb, etc. The whole type is automatically pressed down the bottom sealing strip. It is designed according to GMP requirements. After the door is closed, the sealing strip is automatically lowered to strengthen the overall airtightness of the door. The sealing strip is made of silicone rubber and durable. Good sex and non-toxic to the human body. It can guarantee the sealing of different levels of clean interval doors. High-quality clean room doors are now commonly used in hospitals, laboratories, and industrial plants where cleanliness is required.

Double Open Clean Aluminum Frame Door

How to distinguish the quality of cleanroom doors

1. The internal material of the clean door directly affects its performance. The use of paper honeycomb panels and aluminum honeycomb as internal materials will increase the noise and fire resistance of the clean door;

2. The difference in the material of the clean room door panel will directly affect the strength of the cleanroom door;

3. The sealing and flatness of the clean room door is also the key to measuring the quality of the clean door;

4.The anti-fogging function of the cleanroom window is also a problem that customers need to consider.

Regularly clean and maintain the dust test. It is not enough to clean and maintain the clean room in the clean door every day. It is usually used for cleaning large areas and areas within the visible range. For some small corners, walls, bottom of the machine, etc. It is often easy to ignore, so at least once a week, a thorough "cleaning" should be carried out to clean these corners.

Clean doors adhere to three "no-in principle"

1、Workers must wear clean clothes, dust-free shoes, disposable masks, headgear and air showers to clean the room;

2、The tools and materials carried by the staff must be cleaned before being brought into the clean room. Items that are not necessary for work are prohibited from being carried;

3、Non-workers are prohibited from entering the clean room. In addition, the solid waste generated indoors should be packed in a trash can with a lid. The garbage bin must be covered with a plastic garbage bag to facilitate timely cleaning. The clean door staff must take away the solid waste before leaving or before leaving work, and must not leave it. In the clean room.

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