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Characteristics and advantages of medical cleanroom wall panels

May 04,2019 | Blog

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The hospital is a special public area medical clean room wall panel. In its mobile population, the proportion of old and weak medical disability of medical clean boards is much larger than that of general public places. Medical cleanroom panels therefore place high demands on the safety performance of building decorative materials. Clean panels, building decoration materials in hospital projects should put safety first. When considering the safety of the product materials, it is necessary to combine the service life, maintenance and cleaning, and appearance technical indicators to select the appropriate products.

Most of the modern medical system decorative panels use modular cleanroom panels, mainly because of their good performance.

Customized Steel Modular Cleanroom Wall Panels For Medical Clean Room

Advantages of pharmaceutical cleanroom panel:

Fire retardant, combustion performance up to grade A and grade B, it is extremely flame retardant material, it will not burn itself, and meet fire protection specifications. The wear resistance is high, the hardness can reach 3H-6H, and there is no obvious trace on the surface after normal contact with other objects. Good weather resistance and corrosion resistance, effectively preventing air pollution and ultraviolet light. Can guarantee 10 years without discoloration, no fading, no peeling, no powdering.

With the development of the economy, people have higher requirements for medical standards. In addition to the product's good performance, it is also necessary to put forward higher professional requirements in medical clean engineering. The medical cleansing project is a professional, comprehensive and difficult project, which puts forward high professional requirements for medical clean engineering companies.

Medical cleansing projects are generally divided into three parts: design, construction and management. They cover the three states of empty state, static and dynamic, and the environment is controlled and incorporates the concept and procedure of risk assessment and production certification. In addition, the cross-industry and interdisciplinary characteristics of clean technology have increased the difficulty and complexity of clean room engineering.

Modular Cleanroom Partition Walls

Shandong Wish Wiskind Clean Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in clean room enclosure system engineering, cleanroom ceiling systems , various types of doors and windows and related equipment research and development, manufacturing, sales, consulting and service, relying on Wiskind's research and development for more than 40 years. The integration of experience and resource advantages has led the industry to develop continuously. Now it has become the most professional clean room enclosure service provider, the advocate and practitioner of modular clean room and the largest intelligent manufacturer of clean panel in China.

In the clean industry, Wiskind has the following three advantages:

(1) Higher technical adaptability and flexibility

Medical technology is developing rapidly, which requires medical engineering to have higher technical adaptability and flexibility. Wiskind actively absorbs international first-class clean technology and experience, and continuously researches and develops itself. It has strong strength and can cope with many difficult and complicated situations. The company introduces advanced equipment and production technology from abroad, and has the world's first automatic production line of purification panel with independent intellectual property rights, forming an annual production capacity of more than 2 million square meters of sheet metal. Established a technical research institute with Shandong University, equipped with more than 40 sets of professional equipment, dedicated to the detection of physical, mechanical and combustion properties of raw materials and finished products related to the enclosure system and the development of new products.

Wiskind Professional Technical Team

(2) Stronger technical strength and reduced risk

In the design and construction process of a large clean room system and a clean environment, there are many potential problems. Uncontrolled sources of pollution, such as small amounts of particles, slight airflow disturbances, and small vibrations can cause the entire clean room environment to be out of control. Wiskind provides customers with a comprehensive solution for professional clean room enclosures and implements a full range of integrated services. Including: demand analysis, program design, quotation, production orders, delivery, construction guidance and daily use and maintenance services.

(3) More professional construction team, reasonable project cost

The construction cost of the high-grade clean room is very high. Wiskind has established scientific management, efficient construction, and high-quality purification equipment with high performance-price ratio and stable performance to achieve perfect cost control, effectively reduce costs and reasonable project cost.

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