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Successful trial production of Wiskind East China Intelligent Manufacturing Production Factory and R&D Base

Aug 06,2021 | Company News

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On August 4, 2021, the first digital production line of Wiskind East China Intelligent Manufacturing Production and R&D Base was successfully trial-produced, and the first clean room panel was successfully produced off the line. The simultaneous trial production of purlins and profiled plates for industrial buildings was successful. This successful trial production is an important milestone in the development history of Wiskind.

The construction of Wiskind's East China Intelligent Manufacturing Production and R&D Base officially started in September 2020, which is an important step in Wiskind's strategy of "cross-regional plant construction and national layout". The success of this trial production is the result of Wiskind's careful planning, the cooperation of multiple parties in Zhenjiang New District, the blessing of advanced technology, concepts and equipment, and the joint efforts of the world's top enterprises.

Comprehensive survey, lock the best location

In April 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic period, Wiskind began a site selection inspection. Board members formed a study team. After more than two months, more than 30 plots in 12 cities were rigorously inspected and screened. It has a pleasant geography. Zhenjiang New District, with its environment, inclusive thinking, and sound policies and measures, stood out from the many shortlists. On June 20, Wiskind officially signed a contract with Zhenjiang New District.

Work closely, Efficient completion

After determining the location, Zhenjiang New District quickly established the Wiskind project work promotion team, completed the project initiation announcement in one day, completed the announcement of land transfer in three days, completed the business license and bank account opening in three days, and completed the supporting facilities such as waterfront and power supply quickly. In place, it only took 45 days from signing the contract to the start of construction. The construction of the project progressed smoothly, Completed all complex approvals efficiently    

Join hands with Siemens to build a digital benchmark factory

From the factory planning stage, Wiskind aims to build the first digital benchmark factory in the industry. Choosing to cooperate strategically with Siemens, the world's leading digital factory company, and with the help of Siemens advanced experience, to open up the "equipment island" in the traditional production workshop, not only to realize the interconnection between equipment and the digital management of the production process, but also to realize the production and quality data Traceability. Use the power of science and technology to minimize production loss and greatly improve production efficiency.

Leading the fashion, just for the long-lasting beauty of the building

Relying on its strong production capacity of building envelope materials, Wiskind perfectly integrates with architectural aesthetics, presenting the infinite possibilities of the harmonious unity of industrial architecture vision and function, subverting everyone’s inherent cognition of industrial architecture, and integrating the concept of green landscape factory And expressiveness is raised to unprecedented new heights.

Looking to the future, creating a better tomorrow

The project will build a new production workshop of 60,000 square meters, which is a green and high-performance enclosure system product research and development and production base. It is a big leap for Wiskind to move towards high-end manufacturing, form a supply chain agglomeration, and promote rapid market growth. The completion of this project will effectively enhance the comprehensive service capabilities of the building enclosure system and the "intelligent" factory.

In the 45 years of development, Wiskind has taken "building lasting and beautiful, creating a better life" as its company mission. The completion of this factory has enabled Wiskind to be closer to customers, serve customers more effectively, and increase the technical gold content of industrial building enclosure systems. It is believed that with the completion of the factory, the entire building envelope system field will develop in a healthier, more efficient and better direction, and will play a great role in promoting it.

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