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What is the difference between an industrial cleanroom and a biological cleanroom?

Dec 17,2019 | Industry Information

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Laboratory cleaning system design by use (can be divided into two categories)

1. Industrial cleanroom

The control of inanimate particles is the object.It mainly controls the pollution of air dust particles to the working objects, and generally maintains positive pressure inside.

It is suitable for precision machinery industry, electronic industry (semiconductor, integrated circuit, etc.) aerospace industry, high purity chemical industry, atomic energy industry, optical-magnetic product industry (CD, film, tape production)LCD(LCD glass), computer hard disk, computer magnetic head production and other industries.

2. Biological cleanroom

It mainly controls the contamination of working objects by living particles (bacteria) and inliving particles (dust).It can be divided into:

A.General biological cleaning room: mainly control the contamination of microbial (bacterial) objects.At the same time, its internal material to be able to withstand a variety of sterilization agent erosion, internal general guarantee positive pressure.In essence, its internal material should be able to withstand various sterilization treatment of industrial clean room.(operating room, aseptic ward) food, cosmetics, beverage products production, animal laboratory, physical and chemical laboratory, blood station, etc.

B. Biological safe and clean room: it mainly controls the pollution of living particles of working objects to the outside world and people.The interior should maintain negative pressure with the atmosphere.Example: bacteriology, biology, cleaning laboratory, physical engineering (recombinant genes, vaccine preparation).

The difference between an industrial cleanroom and a biological cleanroom is as follows:

Compare the Project

Industrial Cleanroom

Biological Cleanroom

Research object (main)

Dust, particles only onc

Hazards to process production

e pollution

Living particles such as microorganisms and germs constantly grow and reproduce, which will induce secondary pollution (metabolites, feces).

Control methods purification measures

The main method is filtration.Coarse, medium, high, ultra high four filtration and chemical filters.

The main measures include: eradication of microbial growth conditions, control of microbial brauchery, reproduction and cut off microbial transmission routes, filtration and sterilization.

Control objectives

Control the concentration of harmful particle size

Control the generation, reproduction and spread of microorganisms, as well as their metabolites.

Hazards to process production

As long as the key parts of a dust can cause great harm to the product.

Harmful microorganisms cannot cause harm until they reach a certain concentration.

Requirements for clean room building materials

All materials (cleanroom walls, tops, floors, etc.) do not produce dust, do not accumulate dust, friction resistance.

All materials shall be resistant to water and corrosion and shall not provide conditions for microbial reproduction.

Control over the entry of persons and objects

People enter to change shoes, change clothes, blow drench.Things into to clean, wipe.People and things should be separated, decontamination and separated.

People enter to change shoes, change clothes, blow drench.Things into the cleaning, cleaning, disinfection, sterilization, air to filter, sterilization, people and things to shunt, decontamination and shunt.


Dust particles can be detected by particle counter and displayed and printed.

Microbial detection cannot measure instantaneous value, and the colony number can only be read after 48 hours of culture.

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