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Wiskind Cleanroom Enclosure System Installation Instructions

Sep 28,2019 | Blog

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The purpose of this installation guide is to provide technical guidance for the construction unit to install the clean sheet series of the building steel enclosure system of Wiskind The detailed drawings in this installation guide are all unproportioned large sample drawings, which are only the connection form between the protruding members, the use method and the position of the accessories.

Please be sure to do the protection work of the materials in the installation site of the construction unit. If the material is damaged due to carelessness, please purchase the replacement materials from our company in time to ensure the beautiful appearance of the building.

The construction unit shall make a correct judgment and application of the technical guidance of this guide. For a doubt, you can consult the technical department of Wiskind This guide will be added, revised, and updated with the continuous development of new products and new technologies.Other unfinished matters can be implemented in accordance with the national standard series.

Technical Requirements

1. The construction of the clean plant shall be carried out in accordance with the design documents and the contents of the contract. When the design is revised, it should be confirmed by the original design unit, visa, and approved by the construction unit.

2. Before the construction of the clean factory, the construction plan and procedures should be formulated according to the characteristics of the specific project, so that the coordinated construction, clear stages and clear handover of each type of work ensure the overall construction quality and safe operation.

3. When the construction enterprise undertakes the detailed construction design of the professional design drawings in the clean plant project, it shall implement the relevant provisions of the current national standard, and shall strengthen the design quality management, with quality management system and construction. The detailed drawings shall be approved or confirmed by the original design unit and approved by the construction unit before construction.

4. During the construction process, it is strictly forbidden to change the drawings without violating the design documents. It is strictly forbidden to not enforce the provisions of the mandatory provisions of this code. When the design is modified, it shall be confirmed and signed by the original design unit and approved by the construction unit and shall be executed after notifying the supervisor.

5. Establish a second-level quality assurance system for the company and project management department, establish a project manager as the first responsible person's project quality responsibility system, and coordinate with relevant departments to establish a quality management network.

6. Unified protection measures for finished product protection and warning signs.

7. There should be safety assurance emergency rescue plans, and develop safety guidelines: prevention-oriented, self-help, unified command, division of labor, priority protection of people and priority protection of most people, priority protection of valuable property and other principles and guidelines. All installation workers should have safety training.

8. To strengthen the fire prevention work at the construction site, it is necessary to strictly implement the fire safety regulations, and the construction team enters the site to establish a fire prevention organization, and the responsibility is to the people.

9. During the construction process, the site should be cleaned on the same day of construction, and there is a system in charge of specialized personnel.

10. When the clean plant project is completed and accepted, it shall be carried out with the participation of the construction unit and the supervision unit

Preparation before installation

Before the official installation of the cleanroom panel system, it is necessary to check whether the following work is completed and meets the requirements.

A. Whether the construction site is cleaned. (Whether to clean up the site and keep the site clean and flat, no obvious bumps)

B. Electricity, construction roads, and communication are unimpeded.

C. If the main tools and equipment for installation are ready or not.

D. Check whether the installation surface has been checked and accepted and whether the flatness meets the specifications and subsequent process requirements.

E. Whether the stacking of materials is orderly and meets the requirements of no pollution and damage.

F. Whether the installation workers are in place, the safety facilities are in good condition, and the health check and safety education is completed.

G. Whether the relevant drawings and key process technologies have been completed and documented.

H. If the site first aid kit equipped or not.

I. The current national and industry standards should be strictly observed during construction.

Requirements for Installation workers

A. Short-term technical training should be carried out before the installation workers can work. This guide can be used as teaching material for technical submissions.

B. The installation workers are required to have rich construction experience and learning acceptance ability. After the technical training, they can have a preliminary understanding of the system materials provided by Wiskind, master the installation sequence and precautions, so as to ensure the construction quality and the cleanest system after installation. Good appearance.

Installation tools and equipment recommendations

Installation tools and equipment vary with the size, complexity, and installation of the building. The following list is only a general recommendation. The installation unit should determine it according to its own judgment and technical experience. In addition to the lifting equipment, the following equipment Tools are the standing tools for specialized installation units.

Installation tools and equipment recommendations




Measuring tool

Engineering surveying tape


Steel tape


Infrared level



Pendant for checking the verticality


Structural moment and triangular moment


Enclosure installation tool

Electric head screw gun


Electric metal panel cutter


Rivet gun


Hammer and rubber hammer


Plywood or ironwork platform


Aluminum cutting machine


Gourd rigging


Install tools and equipment



Cable and distribution box

Site setting

Wire rope and other ropes


Wooden mat

For sheet mats

Seat belt, safety helmet


Medical supplies

First aid kit at the construction site

Medium first aid kit

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