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Wiskind Cleanroom Panels - Glass Magnesium Board VS Gypsum Board

Dec 03,2019 | Blog

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Gypsum Board

Glass Magnesium Board




Gypsum board raw materials for DSG, starch, foaming agent, kraft paper and so on.Standard paper gypsum board consists of front paper, back paper and plaster core.

Glass magnesium board (commonly called magnesium oxide board) is composed of magnesium oxide + magnesium chloride + 2 layers of glass fiber cloth (grid cloth) + 2 layers of non-woven fabric.


In the field of cutting, gypsum board is weaker than glass magnesium board because of the difference of core material composition.

Fireproof Performance

The fire resistance limit of 50mm metal face gypsum rock wool clean room panel is 1 hour.Combustion performance class A.

Fire resistance limit of 50mm metal surface glassy magnesium rock wool cleanroom panel 1 hour.Combustion performance class A.

50mm metal faced gypsum rock wool sandwich panel No: fg050374-2018

50mm metal surface glass magnesium rock wool sandwich panel No: dx053353-2017


Flexural Capacity

The bending capacity of the double gypsum rock wool handmade panel is

1.2-1.3kN / ㎡.

The flexural bearing capacity of double glass magnesite rock wool handmade panel is

1.2-1.3kN / ㎡.

The bending bearing capacity of the metal-faced sandwich panel should not be less than 0.5kN / ㎡. These two types of panels are far greater than the requirements of the bending capacity, and both can be used as cleanroom ceiling panels.



Gypsum board is divided into right-angled board surface and wedge-shaped board surface.

Glass magnesium plate is a rectangular plate surface.

The wedge plate surface is similar to an "inverted triangle". It is a thick shape below the tip.

Wedge plates are flatter than rectangular plates.

Bonding Strength

The adhesive strength of the double gypsum rock wool handmade panel is 0.13-0.16MPa.

The bonding strength of the double glass magnesite rock wool handmade board is 0.1-0.13MPa.


plasterboard has an adhesive strength of 0.3 MPa.

The national standard is 0.06MPa, and the bonding strength is much higher than the national standard.

Bad Phenomenon

Common not waterproof gesso can exist bibulous phenomenon.

Anti - halogen drum cracking phenomenon.

Gypsum is divided into water-resistant paper-faced gypsum board and fire-resistant paper-faced gypsum board. Different gypsum can be selected according to the requirements of use.


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