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Wiskind cleanroom protects food safety

Mar 14,2024 | Blog

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The rapid development of electronic, medical medicine and food industries has brought panel market prospects to cleanrooms, promoted the development of cleanroom technology, and also put forward higher requirements for the design and construction of cleanrooms.

Food safety has attracted much attention, which is not only reflected in the focus on food quality and freshness, but also on the amount of preservatives and additives in food. Cleanroom food processing workshops can effectively reduce the use of preservatives and additives. Foods such as yogurt, cheese or other juice products whose normal complement of microorganisms have been altered during processing are particularly susceptible to environmental microbial corrosion and are often processed aseptically in cleanroom environments to extend shelf life. Ready-to-eat meat products are susceptible to Listeria infection when processed under ordinary conditions, which can lead to fatal diseases such as sepsis. Cleanroom technology can effectively prevent this bacteria from entering ready-to-eat meat products. The brewing, bakery, prepared food and other industries are increasingly adopting cleanroom technology to meet the precise needs of new products for a controlled environment (temperature, humidity, bacterial levels), as well as the automation of production processes to ensure good quality and durability.

Although GMP in the food industry has been developed for many years, with the rapid development of the industry in recent years, in order to quickly put into production and expand production capacity, the quality of some cleanroom products is uneven. In order to meet the construction deadline and reduce costs, the design and construction cannot meet the design specification requirements.

The cleanroom enclosure system has the following problems:

① The inner wall of the airduct of the purification air conditioning system is not clean, the connections are not tight, and the air leakage rate is too large;

② The color steel panel enclosure structure is not tight, the sealing measures for the cleanroom ceiling panels are improper, and the airtight cleanroom doors are not airtight;

③The sealant used is of poor quality, easy to fall off, and deteriorates;

④ When welding stainless steel sanitary pipes such as process purified water and injection water, the inner wall welds are not formed;

⑤ Focus on cost and ignore structural durability and safety;

⑥ Select cleanroom materials in violation of regulations and ignore regulatory requirements;

⑦ Insufficient consideration of structural construction methods and characteristic requirements in specific areas;

⑧Low awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection in material selection.

In order to solve the above problems, Wiskind cleanroom enclosure system has achieved standardization in three aspects: cleanroom partition walls, cleanroom doors, and cleanroom ceiling systems.

Cleanroom wall partitions standardization

1. cleanroom wall panels are made of aluminum profiles, modular installation, convenient and quick, non-standard can be customized.

2. It is suitable for different environments and provides a variety of core materials with the characteristics of fire resistance, corrosion resistance, noise reduction, and moisture resistance.

3. Wiskind provides 6 different panels to provide customers with more services. In the food industry, due to frequent cleaning and disinfection,cleanroom wall need corrosion resistance

4. The reserved hole reinforcement and the pipeline box have been pre-assembled into the panel in the factory, which effectively reduces the secondary pollution during use, especially in the operating room.

5. The cleanroom wall systems can be installed flush with the doors cleanroom to ensure the cleanroom cleanliness level.

1. cleanroom wall panels are made of aluminum profiles, modular installation, convenient and quick, non-standard can be customized.

Cleanroom doors standardization

Wiskind’s steel cleanroom doors have withstood hundreds of thousands of opening and closing experiments and have the following advantages:

1. No sagging,no abnormal noise

2. Using Aksu imports to expand the range, afterburner, and more beautiful colors.

3. Large integrated observation windoe, the viewing area is increased by 67%.

Wiskind’s steel cleanroom doors have withstood hundreds of thousands of opening and closing experiments

Cleanroom ceiling system standardization

Wiskind cleanroom ceiling system is mainly composed of modular cleanroom panel and ceiling system. It has strong tightness and can be walked. The walkable ceiling panels can be perfectly connected with the modular cleanroom panel system products. The ceiling system connection gap is the same as the gap width to ensure the appearance of a cleanroom.

The walkable ceiling panels can be perfectly connected with the modular cleanroom panel system products

As a cleanroom panel manufacturer in china.Wiskind has provided high-quality products and services to many companies in the food and beverage industry, such as Coca-Cola, Yili, Decotatoo, Chomthana, etc. Wiskind will always adhere to the core values of sincerity, kindness, integration and symbiosis. Wiskind is determined to become the best modular cleanroom manufactures around the world.

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