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Wiskind Jiangsu manufacturing base breaks ground in Zhenjiang

Mar 04,2021 | Company News

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The Wiskind Jiangsu manufacturing base has a total investment of 1 billion yuan. The project will build a new production workshop of 60,000 square meters, build a production base of 8 million square meters of fully automatic, green and high-performance cleanroom enclosure system products, and build a digital and intelligent benchmarking factory.

The New District Government hopes that the Wiskind group will continue to carry forward the spirit of hard work, the concept of running through to the project construction, completion, production of each link, carefully planning, refined construction, and fine management to achieve safer, more standardized, and more efficient running. Strive to build Zhenjiang Base into a national and even global benchmark enterprise for intelligent manufacturing of high-performance enclosure systems.

Up to now, the basic construction of electricity, pre-embedding, drainage, and water supply has been completed. The construction of some steel beams and columns in the workshop has also been basically completed to ensure that the foundation construction of the factory roof and office building areas is completed in order. Strive to install and debug the equipment in mid-April, and achieve the results in June, and make due contributions to the implementation of the "Three Highs and One Struggle" and the "Three Comparison and One Struggle" of the new district in the new year.

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