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2021 Wiskind CleanroomTPS kick-off meeting was successfully held

Apr 06,2021 | Company News

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Only by strengthening scientific management can we better serve customers, output high-quality products, and empower the development of the clean industry. On March 31, the Wiskind Cleanroom 2021 TPS kick-off meeting was held in the auditorium on the third floor of the headquarters.

TPS (Toyota Production System) In the TPS ideological system, automation and just-in-time are the two pillars of lean production. Automation is the tool and just-in-time is the method. The two are closely integrated to eliminate all work that does not increase product value. Continuous improvement through respect for human nature. Therefore, Lean is a business philosophy to reduce waste.

The theme of this conference is "Deep reflection, welcome change, lay the foundation, and practice internal skills". Clear improvement routes, clear improvement ideas and key measures, comprehensively deepen organizational reform and lean improvement echelon construction, and stimulate all employees' enthusiasm for improvement. Establish the implementation committee with the general manager as the director, the manager of the lean management department as the deputy director, and the heads of the company's first-level departments as the lean members to carry out the TPS work content.

Jiafu Wang, the head of the Lean Management Department, presided over the meeting, shared the TPS overview and the value of lean production promotion, combined with the benchmark Toyota approach, and conducted a data comparison and analysis on four aspects of labor cost, personnel training, man-hour management, and basic management, and clarified the lack of process And the focus of future work.

At the meeting, the Lean Management Department combined with the development needs of the current stage, with the core of cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, and the goal of deepening the elimination of waste in the whole process. It set a three-year plan for personnel training and on-site improvement, and clarified the improvement tasks at each stage and the direction of future work. In order to achieve comprehensive and sustainable improvement and promote the overall improvement of product quality and services, a solid foundation has been laid.

In order to realize the improvement of all employees, ensure the effective implementation of various tasks, and strengthen process management, the Lean Management Department specially hires professionals from various sectors as lean improvement experts, consultants and mentors, and issues appointment letters.

Adhering to the belief that "everything will be made beautiful by our hands", with automated intelligent manufacturing, digital management, and standardized operation, unit labor costs are reduced by 10%, CT (single cycle time) is reduced by 10%, and core personnel training pass rate 100%. Promote the renewal and iteration of product technology and the innovation and change in the field of clean room enclosure systems, and is committed to building the most trustworthy enterprise in the field of clean room enclosure systems.

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