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Heavy | Wiskind cleanroom panels flexible automated production line smoothly accepted | Wiskind cleanroom panels flexible automated production line smoothly accepted

Jan 17,2021 | Company News

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On January 13-14, Wiskind cleanroom panels flexible automated production line passed the acceptance, marking that non-standard cleanroom panels have moved from a multi-size, small batch, and scattered operation mode to standardization, continuity, and intelligence.

This R&D project acceptance expert group is composed of members of Wiskind Holding Technical Committee, Shandong University professors, PhD supervisors Liu Yanjun, Liu Changan and other personnel. The acceptance of the R&D project is carried out in two stages. The first stage is the on-site observation of the R&D project. The entire production process of the production line was led by Wei Longhuai, the chairman of the supervisory board of Wiskind Holdings. The second stage is the on-site report, which is carried out from multiple dimensions such as project introduction, key technological innovation points, and economic and social value of the project.

The acceptance of this research and development project is based on the principles of science, independence, objectivity and fairness. The members of the technical committee evaluated the scientific and technological achievements of the "cleanroom panels flexible automated production line" project developed by the clean company. After review by the members, it was deemed that the project passed the acceptance and the comprehensive technology of the project reached the advanced level, filling the gap in the flexible production of non-standard cleanroom panels.

This production line is divided into intelligent design, intelligent typesetting, automatic blanking, automatic bending and forming, precise cloth glue, compound pressing and finished product palletizing, and other technological processes. It does not require manual calculation, measurement and operation adjustment, and the entire process is automated production, subverting non-standard The production process flow improves the utilization of materials and reduces the labor input, so that the accuracy, strength, flatness and aesthetics of cleanroom panels are greatly improved, and the product quality is more stable.

Flexible production is a high-efficiency and highly automated manufacturing system, which can be released flexibly according to actual market demand changes. In the future, Wiskind and flexible production will become the core competitiveness of the company. It aims at the international market, improves product technology, and improves product quality. Added value, "clean" the future with flexible intelligence.

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