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Wiskind Modular Cleanroom Wall Systems

Jan 14,2020 | Blog

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If you have decided to renovate or expand a pharmaceutical cleanroom. Now, in the detailed design phase, you need to make critical decisions about the quality of the facilities you run and the materials you build. This will determine the service life of the cleanroom of the pharmaceutical factory, which is related to your annual profit. Cleanroom materials are one of the most important decisions you make.

Each project type has its own design challenges, whether it's a biologic cleanroom or a medical cleanroom. There are also common challenges between them, such as skilled worker installation, existing premises, building conditions, and most importantly project budget. An excellent project is what kind of universal clean room wall and ceiling system to apply when building a modular cleanroom.

Modular Cleanroom Wall System

At Wiskind, the concept of a modular cleanroom system was proposed, which has become more and more popular in many industries. This cleanroom is quick to install and easy to maintain, and is suitable for many applications, from medical and pharmaceutical work to manufacturing. If you're not sure if a modular cleanroom design is right for your organization, why not take the time to understand the benefits of this environment? The following can convince you to try this clean room design in your own company.

Fast Construction

The traditional cleanroom has major shortcomings in terms of technology and construction mode, the materials cannot be standardized, the construction period is long, and the material repetition rate is low. The main advantages of the modular cleanroom environment are the speed and convenience of installation, and standardized production. 70% of construction tasks are completed in the factory, and the construction and production efficiency of cleanroom materials is improved by more than 15%. The dramatic increase in quality means that your team can start using new facilities as quickly as possible, reducing delays in important work and further driving changes in the industry's profit model.

Low Operating Costs

The modular cleanroom environment has a very efficient design, which makes it very cheap to run. At wiskind, through modular design and technological innovation, interference analysis technology, structural simulation technology and air flow simulation technology were introduced in the design stage to ensure stable performance and improve the recycling of clean materials, equipment and accessories, effectively reducing production Practical energy consumption reduces investment risk. A clean room constructed in this way generally requires less outdoor air for temperature and humidity control, thus reducing the energy cost of maintaining a modular cleanroom environment stable.

Green Energy-saving Design

Modular cleanrooms not only operate efficiently, they also provide opportunities to use green building technology in your organization. This is important if you want to build a brand reputation that cares about the environment and saves energy. The modular cleanroom can use recycled materials in the building, and the reuse rate of more than 80% of materials helps to protect the natural resources of the planet and reduce the number of landfills. At Wiskind, it is advocated to protect the environment as much as possible in production, distribution and use. The environmental protection testing of glues involved in cleanroom panels, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and smoke poisons have all been certified by the SGS standard and meet European EN71 P3 environmental standards.

Easy to Maintain

The modular cleanroom has a great advantage over the brick and mortar clean room structure. You can solve the damage of the clean room wall by replacing a single clean wall panel without considering the replacement of the entire structure. Many modular cleanrooms require a walkable ceiling system that allows workers to enter the clean room from above. At Wiskind, the flexural load of the cleanroom panel is 1.25KN / ㎡, far exceeding the national standard. You can carry out the cross-construction of the clean room during the construction process.

Effective Performance

When it comes to many applications in science, medicine, and manufacturing, a modular cleanroom environment can meet the needs of a team just like a traditional structure. In the modular cleanroom, Wiskind can be equipped with cleanroom doors, cleanroom windows, and wall panels, which are flat and beautiful, and are also indispensable in the clean room enclosure system. The high flexibility of the modular cleanroom design means that you can choose to use other clean room equipment to maintain tighter control of the environment.

Learn More About Modular Cleanrooms

As a global supplier, we tend to give customers different opinions and suggestions, and take this opportunity to learn more about the benefits of modular cleanrooms to find out if they are right for your organization. These suggestions can add to our overall design and construction of modular cleanrooms to help us make better changes. Please visit our website www.wiskindcleanroom.com and we will help you recognize everything about modular cleanrooms.

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