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Yongfang Zhang , general manager of YIEH PHUI (CHINA), visited WISKIND

Jun 13,2019 | Company News

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On June 11, Yongfang Zhang , the general manager of YIEH PHUI (CHINA), and his party visited Shandong Wiskind for a visit.

Longzhu Wei, Chairman of Wiskind Holdings, Longfeng Wei ,  Shengguang Yi, Managing Director of Steel Products, and Shuheng Xu , General Manager of Steel Products Co., Ltd., received a warm reception.

Yongfang Zhang and his entourage visited the Wiskind showroom and the new Shinmade hinmade second phase project, and affirmed the company's on-site management, especially the TPM-5S management activities. After the visit, everyone discussed and exchanged ideas on business operations and raw material procurement in the conference room of the Shinmade  Research Institute. The two sides discussed the current respective operating methods and gained a lot of results.

In this visit, YIEH PHUI (CHINA) also brought new products to Wiskind. At the technical exchange meeting, Chun Li , the manager of the technical department of YIEH PHUI (CHINA), introduced the characteristics of PVC color coating and antibacterial board. And the scope of application.

In 2003, after the cooperation between YIEH PHUI (CHINA) and Wiskind, he sent many people to give professional guidance toWiskind. The two sides have friendly cooperation and mutual benefit, and now they have gone through 17 years. In October 2018, the cumulative cooperation between the two sides exceeded 1 million tons.

In the future, Wiskind will continue to work closely with YIEH PHUI (CHINA) to bring more high value-added products to customers and society.


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