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Advantages of MGO cleanroom panel

Jan 30,2024 | Blog

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1. Green panels

Cleanroom panel, green, safe and environmentally friendly panel.

Environmentally friendly materials: All raw materials do not contain formaldehyde, asbestos, radioactive substances, and heavy metals.

Modification is environmentally friendly: the modifier does not contain harmful substances and is harmless for daily contact use. 

Environmentally friendly production: During production and maintenance, there is no need to consume electricity, water or coal for heating, pressure and air maintenance. No waste water or gas is discharged. 

Installation is environmentally friendly: The panel material is light, tough and strong, saving transportation costs. It is tough and easy to install, reducing personnel costs.

Environmentally friendly application: The panel has good sound and heat insulation functions, is lightweight and reduces construction load costs, and can be reused.

Waste environmental protection: waste does not produce harmful substances, does not require special treatment, and is easily degraded. 

The glue is environmentally friendly: The glue has strong adhesion and is formaldehyde-free.

Decorative and environmentally friendly: Decorative materials are safe and healthy.

The MGO cleanroom panel contains substances that ants hate

2. Anti-insect and anti-ant

The MGO cleanroom panel contains substances that ants hate. Even in areas with many tropical ants, ants will not eat the MGO sandwich panel. High-end MGO cleanroom panel do not require anti-termite treatment and can be installed directly.

3. Water and moisture resistant

MGO sandwich panel is a cement panel, which is waterproof and moisture-resistant. It broke back and forth 30 times without delamination in the freeze-thaw cycle test of frost resistance. It also inhibits the growth of microorganisms. MGO sandwich panels are suitable for outdoor environments, bathrooms, basements, kitchens and other humid and sun-exposed environments.

4. Impact-resistant, high-strength and durable

The hospital cleanroom ceiling system is a system that requires long-term effective protection and has been used for decades. The inorganic panels in the system maintain toughness for a long time and decay slowly, which will better ensure that the performance of the decorative wall in the system meets the building fire protection requirements for a long time. If the toughened fibers in the panel age quickly, the impact resistance of the inorganic panel without fiber reinforcement will decrease, and the performance of the facing wall system will not be up to standard.

The veneer wall system made of wood-like cleanroom panels and high-quality hardware has excellent impact resistance, long durability, slow decline in impact strength, and effectively protects the safety of buildings and property owners.

5.Easy to cut

The density of the MGO panel is 1000kg/m3, which is equal to the density of water. The density of the density panel is 780kg/m3. The structure of the MGO panel is honeycomb-shaped with micropores. Woodworking tools and woodworking machinery can be used to cut the MGO sandwich panel. The operation is simple. Close to or achieve the effect of wood panel processing, no water spray is required for cutting, and attention should be paid to dust prevention measures.

The density of the MGO panel is 1000kg/m3, which is equal to the density of water

6. Prevent cracking, blistering and layering

Outdoor destructive test, MGO cleanroom panel as the substrate, single-sided film, back panel exposed, no treatment, no waterproof back coating, rainwater can freely flow in and out of the back, no blistering, no delamination, no cracking for 5 years.

7. Flexible and non-deformable

The unique three-dimensional fiber structure of the cloth-like fibers and random fibers of the MGO cleanroom panel, coupled with the strength of magnesium oxide cement and the medium-density flexibility, make the MGO cleanroom panel soft and yet tough, and soft and steel-like during installation, without deformation. It is not afraid of the influence of thermal expansion after installation, and its flexibility will not damage the keel structure.

8. Durable

Whether it is calcium silicate panel, gypsum panel or MGO panel, cement-based thin panels are brittle and rely on fibers to increase toughness. The degree of fiber corrosion decline determines the life of the panel. The comprehensive application of multiple fibers and different fiber structures will provide longer strength and life. The cloth-like fibers and three-dimensional random fibers of the MGO sandwich panel determine the lightness, high strength, impact resistance and durability of the MGO panel.

The durability of the cleanroom panel is that the substrate, glue and facing materials (PVC film fireproof panel and HPL) are all durable.

The substrate is a functional panel, and its good fiber toughness can be maintained for more than ten years. Generally, calcium silicate panels may be easily broken after being installed for one year after leaving the factory.

The strength of PUR glue reaches the strength of structural glue. The dosage of one panel is about 210g, the strength and stability are higher than the two-component polyurethane glue (the material required for one panel is about 1200g), and there will be no layering and bubbling.

PVC and HPL have good toughness and will not crack. Paint and melamine paper are highly brittle, and thermal expansion and contraction can cause cracks in inorganic substrates and organic finishes.

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