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Application of medical cleanroom panels in hospitals

Jan 23,2024 | Blog

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Medical cleanroom panel, also known as inorganic pre-coated panel, antibacterial panel, uses 100% asbestos-free calcium silicate panel as the base material, and is coated with special polyester for surface treatment, making it have excellent fire resistance and water resistance. , maintain a bright appearance and give people a sense of cleanliness. Mainly used in purification systems, such as hospital aisles, ICU wards, medical operating rooms, medical laboratories, medical nurse stations and clean engineering fields with demanding indoor environments such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, biology, precision instrument manufacturing, and scientific research.

Medical sandwich panels have low water absorption and strong water resistance

The advantages of medical sandwich panel

1.Fireproof base material, strong fireproof performance

Medical cleanroom panels use calcium silicate panels as the base material. When a fire breaks out indoors, it can effectively prevent the spread of fire, no toxic smoke will be produced, and no flame will be transmitted.

2.Natural environmentally friendly green materials

The medical cleanroom panel base material is made of natural raw materials, 100% free of asbestos, free of radioactive substances, natural and environmentally friendly, and safe for health.

3.Wear-resistant and easy to clean

Medical sandwich panels, after UV light curing process, the surface is solidified into a protective film with high hardness and wear resistance; the surface of the color board is dense and non-porous, non-stick and dust-free, and can effectively prevent the penetration of dirt, making cleaning simple and convenient.

4.Anti-corrosion and anti-pollution

The medical cleanroom panel is coated with UV paint, which has good resistance to acid and alkali erosion. The surface protective film can protect the board from corrosion. Faced with erosion by organic solvents, disinfectants, cleaning supplies and other substances in medical settings, the panels will not be affected at all.

5.Moisture-proof and waterproof

Medical sandwich panels have low water absorption and strong water resistance. The UV coating layer on the surface is dense and non-porous. It has high-quality waterproof and moisture-proof capabilities, creating a dry and clean environment indoors.


Medical cleanroom panels have strong weather resistance and long service life, and their indoor service life can reach 50 years.

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