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Cleanroom doors adhere to the three

Sep 06,2019 | Blog

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Cleanroom door is an indispensable auxiliary equipment in clean room, the quality of it may directly affect the clean room clean level, so for the customer to properly identify clean the stand or fall of door is crucial, Wiskind through the years sales and Wiskind several big cleanroom the research of the project is compiled for you the following.

Cleanroom door refers to the door used with the clean room project, which is characterized by meeting the general requirements of the clean room specification, such as no corrosion, not easy to dust, easy to clean, no dead space, etc.Clean the door is for clean room interior easy clean disinfection, no dead Angle to design and manufacture, clean room steel door frame with thickness of 1.5 mm galvanized steel plate, door plank adoption of 1.0-0.8 mm thick galvanized sheet flange cover synthetic, cleanroom aluminium alloy door frame and door leaf margin for high strength aluminum alloy, special choi steel door leaf with 0.5 mm clean or the United States wilsonart HPL clean room .

The middle filling materials are flame-retardant paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb, etc., the door plate and frame are self-adhesive sealing strip, the bottom of the door is lifting sweeper, which can ensure the sealing of the door of different levels of cleaning interval. High quality cleanroom steel door and aluminum alloy clean door are now widely used in hospitals, pharmaceutical clean room, food clean room, electronic production clean room and industrial plants.

How to identify the quality of a clean door

1. The internal material of the clean room door directly affects its performance, using paper honeycomb board, aluminum honeycomb board as the internal material will make the clean door anti-noise, fire prevention and other performance is very different.

2. The different material of cleanroom door surface will directly affect the strength of clean door.

3. The tightness and flatness of clean room door are also the key to measure the quality of clean room door.

Clean and maintain regularly and do dust test. Clean door in the clean room, cleaning and maintenance is not enough on a daily basis, mainly is for large area for cleaning and visual scope, for some small corner, at the bottom of the walls, the machine or dust place often easy to overlook, so at least once a week to conduct a complete "sweep", will be treated as the fringes are clean.So how do we make sure that the cleaning and maintenance are in place?Through the dust particle counter to carry on the dust test, can judge accurately and quickly.

  1. Staff must wear clean clothes, clean shoes, wearing disposable masks, head cap after the air shower channel can enter the clean room.

  2. Tools and materials carried by the staff shall be brought into the clean room after being cleaned. Non-essential articles shall not be brought into the clean room.
  3. Non-staff are not allowed to enter the cleaning room.
  4. Indoor solid waste should be filled with a garbage can with a lid. The garbage can should be covered with plastic garbage bags for timely cleaning.
  5. Clean room staff must take away solid waste before leaving or leaving work, and must not leave it in the clean room.

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