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Is it good to use cleanroom steel door in cleanroom?

Aug 26,2019 | Blog

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Clean steel door I believe we all know it, we can see his figure in many pharmaceutical factories clean room, food clean room, now even many public places, offices can be seen, cleanroom steel door has become our most commonly used products, that steel clean room door is good?Let's learn about it together.

What is a steel clean room door?

Clean room steel door is cold rolled steel plate material galvanized steel plate to make frame, frame and door panel, door door filled with non-toxic harmless fire insulation material paper honeycomb or aluminum honeycomb, and with hardware parts composed of a certain sealing performance of the door.For example, the filling of Wiskind cleanroom door is fireproof paper honeycomb board, the hardware accessories are stainless steel material, door lock using 304 stainless steel with a hand lock.

Features of clean steel door.

There are many different styles of cleanroom steel doors in appearance, whether in color or appearance, Wiskind can provide customized services according to customers' requirements.Steel door interior filled with new environmental protection flame retardant heat insulation materials, in the concave and convex parts of the facade by professional equipment stereotypes, environmental protection adhesive pressed molding.In the combination of door and door frame, glass around, do sealing treatment, so that the sealing performance is greatly strengthened.Lift sweepers are installed under the door panels to ensure the air tightness of the room.

Product specifications: 900*2100 mm, 1200*2100 mm, 1500×2100 mm.Of course, we can customize steel doors of other sizes according to the needs of customers, and use and install with clean room panel, flush and beautiful.

Precautions for steel clean room door installation.

Clean steel door in the installation process, considering the bending deformation of the door frame this problem, in the lower part of the door frame are supported with steel bar, the lower part of the door frame in the installation need to be seconded, and then the door frame and clean wall panels connection.Different clean room wall panels use different door frames, so mastercard will ask customers what kind of wall to use when purchasing, so as to avoid the phenomenon that cannot be installed.

Airtight requirements for clean steel doors.

The cleanroom steel door shall not be less than 10mm overlapped with the door frame, and the gap between the two sides shall not be more than 4mm.The aperture after steel door installation closes cannot be too big, otherwise the airtight performance of steel door assures hard.

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