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Congratulations! Wiskind Cleanroom ranks among the top 30 controlled environment industries in 2020-2021 and becomes an industry benchmark.

Jul 16,2022 | Company News

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According to the requirements of the "Shanghai Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection (Purification Industry) Development Research Report" and the "Shanghai Purification Industry Action Plan (2022to2025)" document annexes, the Shanghai Interior Environment Purification Industry Association has carried out the tracking of relevant information of leading enterprises in the industry Monitoring work, after comprehensive evaluation and the effective data submitted by the enterprise "Information Registration Letter of Key Enterprises and Institutions in the Purification Industry", the Shanghai Interior Environment Purification Industry Association announced today the "Top 30 List of Controlled Environment Industries in 2020to2021". Wiskind Cleanroom is honored to be included in the list. We will uphold the core values of "sincerity, perfection, and symbiotic", and continue to work hard for the field of cleanroom enclosure systems to develop in a more efficient, scientific and friendly direction!

Honor List

Names listed in no particular order

Thermo Fisher Scientific (China) Co., Ltd.

Shanghai zhichunjing System Technology Co., Ltd

York (China) Commercial Co., Ltd.

Shandong Wiskind Clean Technology Co., Ltd.

Hawk Filtration Technology(Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Tofflon Airex Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Testo Instruments International Trading (SHANGHAI) Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Hefil Purifying Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Pharma Champ Pharmaceutical Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Jiabo Litong Technology Co., Ltd.

Sauermann(Shanghai)General Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Shujia Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd.

The IT Electronics Eleventh Design & Research Institute Scientific and Technological Engineering Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Branch of The 11th Design and Research Institute of Information Industry Electronics Technology Engineering Co., Ltd.Beijing Johnson Controls Co., Ltd.

MIC-TECH Electronics Engineering Corp.

Pony Testing Group Shanghai Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Kaiqing Clean Room Technology Engineering Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Macroprocess Lustration Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Electronics Engineering Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Shin Nippon Air Technologies Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Zhongwei Baojia Purifying Engineering Co., Ltd.

Shanghai S&F Lab Equipment Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Dongjian Purifying Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Fengshen Environmental Apparatus PROJECT Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Yaowei Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Huace Pinbiao Testing Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Xidi Industrial Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Kexin Testing Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Jinwu Testing Technology Co., Ltd.

Ximai (Shanghai) Testing Technology Service Co., Ltd.

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