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In the Microelectronics industry, precision instruments, LEDs, liquid crystals, and other precision production and scientific experimental activities, due to the need for production, we have to achieve a certain dust free production environment, and specialize in the construction of dust free factories, dust free workshops, or dust free rooms. A technology generated by the need, It's clean technology.

In the electronics industry, Wiskind provide cleanroom system products and solutions for Foxconn Haier, Hisense, Samsung and many other domestic and foreign companies.

Electronic Cleanroom

1. Introduction to the electronic clean workshop: 

Electronic plant clean room is generally suitable for electronic instrumentation, computer room, semiconductor factory, printing factory, automobile industry, aerospace industry, photolithography, microcomputer manufacturing and other industries. In addition to air cleanliness, it must also ensure that it meets the requirements of static electricity.

2. Material configuration

1. The sandwich wall panel and ceiling are made of 50mm thick sandwich color steel plate, which is characterized by beautiful appearance and strong rigidity. Arc wall corners, doors, window frames, etc. are generally made of special alumina profiles.

2. The floor can be epoxy self-leveling floor or high-grade wear-resistant plastic floor. If anti-static requirements are required, anti-static or elevated floors can be selected.

3. The return air duct is made of hot-dip zinc plate, which is pasted with flame-retardant PF foamed plastic plate with good purification and heat preservation effect.

4. High-efficiency air outlet with stainless steel frame, beautiful and clean, perforated screen with baked aluminum plate, no rust and no dust, should be cleaned.

How To Do Cleanroom Decoration In Electronics Clean Room

Cleanroom engineering construction of electronics factory clean workshop: 

1. Before tearing the film, a comprehensive inspection shall be conducted for the clean room project, including whether all ventilation pipes, air conditioning equipment, doors and Windows, etc. are installed in place, and relevant records shall be made.In addition to pay attention to the cleaning and play must be synchronized, the roof, wall board after the installation of the tear film.

2. Ceiling hanging parts production and installation: according to all the determined hanging points, calculate the size of the used hanging bars (made of round steel), according to the distance between the hanging points, determine the main keel (made of C steel) model, in order to ensure that the ceiling load to meet the requirements of the code.Strictly control the connection between the lifting bar and the floor to ensure that it is vertical and does not fall off, and that the main keel and t-shaped keel are installed horizontally.

Installation of engineering wall panels for cleanroom:

1. The plate production is the same as that of the ceiling. Calculate the size and number of blocks of all the wall panels according to the construction drawings.The site is ready to be shipped to the site immediately.

2. Familiar with the drawings to draw line positioning of the wall board position.

3. Install aluminum geosyncline according to the drawing, and the aluminum geosyncline shall be connected with the floor with expansion screws.

4. Installation of aluminum accessories.Install arc aluminum on the corner between wall and ceiling, wall and ground, wall, ensure no dead Angle, no screw on the surface.

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Got Free Inquiry Now We will contact you as soon as possible!
If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!