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Endure® First: Cleanroom Panel System King To Choose

Jun 23,2019 | Blog

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In the 19th world exhibition of pharmaceutical raw materials China (CPhI China), Endure® product jointly developed by Wiskind and DuPont™ was launched. This highly functional composite steel plate will promote the development of the pharmaceutical industry with many revolutionary advantages.

Endure® Cleanroom Panel

Endure ® is suitable for the envelope structure of the new GMP clean room disinfection area. It has excellent professional performance in the environment of biological products, blood products, etc. using VHP disinfection, panel disinfection, and new gel liquid rubbing.

Wiskind Cleanroom Steel Door

As a dream panel for modular cleanroom panels, Endure ® USES DuPont™Tedlar® polyfluoroethylene for safety and environmental protection. Gerber surfaces do not support bacterial growth, meet FDA standard 21 cf175.210, contact with food, and are RoHS approved. It is composed of 100% fluororesin film and metal color coated steel plate special adhesive hot pressing compound, and use special adhesive dupont.

CPhI China

Endure ® has at least 50 years of weather resistance, excellent mechanical properties, excellent malleability, and corrosion resistance to numerous chemicals, solvents, and colorants. Dense film surface without pinhole, crack and other defects, resistant to contamination, easy to clean, excellent fire performance, and safety and environmental protection.

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Wiskind steel products cleaning company, focusing on technology, driven by the market, to the core of customers; It focuses on the research and development of innovative technologies and solutions of clean room enclosure system, and provides high-tech composite materials and system solutions for the clean room industry.

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