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Cleanroom door and window acceptance specification

Jun 09,2019 | Blog

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1、There are too many manufacturers producing clean room doors at present. There are well-known brands and major purification companies have their own production workshops. However, for the choice of pharmaceutical clean doors, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the materials of the clean doors, and to examine the production strength of the company. Delivery week, after-sales service. Wiskind is a company that specializes in the production and development of clean room doors and windows for 40 years.

2、Cleanroom door appearance, this is the first item to enter the field acceptance, open the wooden box packaging to see if there is damage, if there is a problem to replace the replenishment in time, the clean door needs to be complete, the window is intact, no bump deformation . For the company, after-sales service is the key. Wiskind has a special service system. Four subsidiaries, 13 offices and more than 100 business and technical personnel are located throughout the country to provide timely and face-to-face services to customers.

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3、The color of the clean door, the choice of the color of the clean door is related to the aesthetics of the whole clean room and the comfort of the staff. According to the color psychologist, different colors have different enthusiasm for people's work, but also consider the cleanroom panel. The color matching, now the door has a lot of optional colors, need to be used with the corresponding air conditioning system and ground color. At present, Wiskind has proposed that the clean room is environmentally friendly and can be reasonably matched according to the customer's workshop.

4、Automatic lifting and sweeping sealing strip, standard cleaning door, key to clean room sealing, ensuring good sealing of the door, sealing strip is easy to fall off by bonding, and silicone sealing strip can better guarantee the clean door. The sealing performance does not fall off when the door is opened for a long time.Also consider the thickness of the clean door and whether the cleanroom panel can be flush mounted.

5、The door frame must be matched with the door. Of course, some manufacturers may have less deviation, but it is still better. After all, the hinge position, keyhole position, etc. need to be fixed, and even some reserve interlock positions. One is that both sets of doors are troublesome; the hinge, also called the hinge, is also one of the signs of the clean door. The clean door is to not see the fixing screws, the screws can be seen are not easy to clean, and the clean door needs to be installed. Three pairs of hinges, long-term use is not easy to deform and sag.

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