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Good Cleanroom How Can We Lose These

Jun 04,2019 | Blog

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With the progress of science and technology, in the process of scientific research and production, the requirements for environmental air cleanliness are getting higher and higher, and more and more industries apply clean room. At present, microelectronics, optoelectronics, medicine, medical treatment, microbiology, instruments, meters, aerospace, aviation, food, health products, cosmetics and other industries, are widely used in the clean room.

As a professional service provider of clean room enclosure systemWiskind strives to become an advocate and practitioner of modular clean room by closely combining with the technology of leading talents.

Modular Cleanroom Panel

Core Material Is Introduced

Modular cleanroom panel can be used rock wool, paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb, gypsum, glass magnesium board and other core materials, color steel plate, galvanized plate, aluminum zinc plate, stainless steel, printing steel plate, aluminum foil paper, PVC, plywood, etc. More than 20 kinds of board type composite board.

The high quality rock wool core material adopted by Wiskind is specially waterproof, non-hygroscopic, hydrophobic, fiber slender, no capillary penetration phenomenon, hydrophobic rate ≥98%, melting temperature up to 1000℃, bulk density standard is far higher than peers and industry standards, the bending load of 1.1KN/㎡, is one of the most popular core materials.

Rock Wool Cleanroom Panel

Customized Steel Modular Cleanroom Wall Panels For Pharmaceutical Clean Room

1、Clean room modular sandwich wall panel system. The wall panel system is made of aluminum profiles, various surface steel, factory prefabrication, on-site splicing, module installation is convenient and fast, mainly used in biological clean room.

2、The hole reinforcement reservation and the line pipeline box are pre-assembled into the interior of the board in the factory, effectively reducing the secondary pollution during use,especially in the operating room.

3、The clean panel can be made into an one piece cleanroom corner system, completely eliminating all kinds of corner joints between wall panels, factory prefabrication, site splicing, convenient and quick module installation.

One Piece Cleanroom Corner System

4、Nearly the ultimate guarantee of smooth and smooth siding, avoiding joint cracking, dust and leakage affect the clean environment, more conducive to cleaning and process sterilization.

5、This product is produced by the world's first automatic production line of clean plate, which is independently designed and developed by Wiskind with complete intellectual property rights.

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