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Five Considerations For Choosing A Clean Door

Apr 26,2019 | Blog

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Choosing the right Pharmaceutical clean room door can be tricky, but Wiskind is here to help. Here are five things they think each customer should consider before choosing a clean room door.

Clean room doors are an important part of the clean room because they are responsible for sealing the controlled environment. If they are not working properly, the clean room will face a higher risk of contamination. Here, Wiskind offers five key considerations when choosing a clean room door based on its many years of choice in the clean room construction industry.

 Steel Cleanroom Doors

1、Easy to integrate

When choosing a clean door, be aware that many manufacturers sell only the doors in their systems. This makes it difficult to change parameters within the facility to compromise the integrity of the clean room door. However, regardless of the manufacturer, Wiskind clean doors can be installed in any clean room. The thickness of the door is 50mm, which is flush with the wall panel, with higher flatness and more beautiful appearance.

2、Good sealing performance

How much proper airtightness should the door have? The 3.5 m3 / hm2 measured at a pressure of 200 Pa is a reliable and good value. In the door leaf seal, it should be noted that the seals around the clean door of the large department on the market are made of ordinary sealing strips. The structure is unstable, and the long-term use will cause the falling off phenomenon, and the airtightness in the clean room cannot be guaranteed, resulting in cleanliness. Loss of pressure inside the room.

Modular Laboratory Cleanroom Door 304 Stainless Steel Hinges

Wiskind customization cleanroom door seals are made of (air, ship, precision electrical cabinet industry) German equipment, German technology, German polyurethane glue on-site foam production, stable structure, not easy to fall, life is ordinary adhesive rubber seal 4 to 5 times It can resist UV, alcohol and other disinfection. It is not easy to aging under frequent disinfection environment. It is non-toxic and harmless to the human body. It has excellent air tightness and can effectively prevent the pressure inside the clean room from being lost and ensure the air tightness in the clean room.

3、Door hardware selection

Hardware has hinges, door locks, hinges, etc. These small accessories should also pay attention to the selection of good quality, cost-effective accessories to ensure durability and easy to clean.

4、Door lock selection

The number of times the cleanroom door lock of the clean room door is locked is the key factor determining the life of the door lock. When selecting the door lock, pay attention to whether the number of door opening and closing times of the door lock has special experimental report data to determine the service life. Also consider different door lock types at different locations.

Wiskind Excellent After-sales Service

5、Quality after-sales service

Determine the specifications of the door. When selecting a supplier, whether it is a large company or a small company, look at the services provided, whether there is a professional team to solve the problems encountered, including the confirmation of the drawings and the accessories of the door. The high-quality service is to avoid the problem of door replacement, and thus pay a higher cost.

Wiskind provides customers with a comprehensive solution for professional clean room enclosures and implements a full range of integrated services. Including: demand analysis, program design, quotation, production orders, delivery, construction guidance and daily use and maintenance services. Four subsidiaries, 13 offices and more than 100 business and technical personnel are located throughout the country to provide timely and face-to-face services to customers. An information management system that covers the entire business process to make customer service more standardized and efficient.

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