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How to clean cleanroom efficiently

Aug 16,2019 | Blog

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Clean room engineering, according to the choice of enterprise products or processes to build clean room classificationclean room grade.The clean room is usually divided into biological clean room and abiotic clean room.The former ensures that the cleanroom system is always in operation;The latter can be switched on hours in advance.Clean the room for one hour before entering to prevent personnel from causing pollution.

About the cleaning and disinfection work of the clean project, the professional method is, when the product production is finished, use 75% ethylpropanol to wipe the table, doors and Windows, machinery and so on.Do regular cleaning by the commissioner of the clean room equipment surface and ceiling, use professional cleaners and disinfectants to remove the bacteria generated in the production process, control the indoor microbial content.

HPL Clean Room Panel

For the medical environment, injection centers, nurse stations, and exam rooms are easy places for stains and drugs.The bedside table of the sick room often has soup trace, medicine mark, coke mark and other stubborn stains;Main channel metope, door leaf, toilet is the place that bacterium virus often patronizes more. Wiskind HPL clean room panel after special technology treatment, the use of Wilsonart board, so that it is difficult to adhere to the stain penetration, easier to clean, but also to meet the requirements, become a consistent choice of many hospitals.

The hospital is crowded with people, with a high probability of emergency and high requirement for fire prevention of environment and materials, especially in laboratories, wards and other places.Wiskind HPL Cleanroom panel is an incombustible material with extremely strong fire resistance, which can deal with emergency well. HPL Cleanroom panel TCK 50mm, aluminum profile connection, simple structure, easy to remove.The panel is sandwich structure, can be filled with rock wool, paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb and other materials, and HPL clean room door, window perfect match, make the modular clean room more beautiful.

HPL clean room door is made of 50mm thick door frame aluminum alloy cutting and assembling Angle, keep flush with clean room wall panel, no dust collection, easy to clean, Wiskind clean room door can be connected with brick wall, equipped with pull-down bottom seal, ensure air tightness, mainly used in pharmaceutical, microelectronics, laboratories, hospitals and other clean rooms.

HPL Cleanroom Door

For disinfection, HPL cleanroom wall panel has a strong chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, and resistance to climate is also very good, sunlight irradiation will not cause discoloration, fading.In addition, the product is difficult to get dirty, easy to clean and easy to maintain.

Wiskind not only has HPL cleanroom wall panel system, HPL clean room door also has the following advantages:

•Rich color, strong decorative, pure color, wood, stone, color and other decorative effects can be selected.

• can be combined with a variety of surface texture to present excellent vision and real touch.

• compact and stable structure, high strength and good toughness.

• wear resistant surface, durable.

• high crash resistance.

• strong compression resistance, high hardness, good load-bearing performance.

• customizable personalized patterns.

In the cleaning of melamine resin wallboard, attention should be paid to the following 9 requirements:

1) general pollution can be cleaned with ordinary wet cloth.

2) for minor stains, use warm water and neutral soap to clean the surface.

3) stubborn stains should be cleaned with high-concentration detergent, or wiped with alcohol, acetone and other solvents.

5) use soft dry cloth to wipe after cleaning.

6) do not use steel brush or polishing agent with abrasive to clean, as it may scratch the surface of the plate.

7) do not use sharp hard objects to mark the surface of plates.

8) do not put overhot objects directly on the board surface.

9) do not use abrasives or non-neutral cleaners.

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