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How to install electrical system and socket on cleanroom panel?

Jul 27,2019 | Blog

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Clean room panel also called modular cleanroom panel, Cleanroom panels are widely used for multiple purposes including pharmaceutical clean room, electronic clean room, food clean room, office partition as well as hospital operating room, etc.

In the clean room panel installation process, will involve two categories of problems, the first is the clean room wall panel opening problem, including clean switch socket, safety exit indicator light and other small holes, the second type of problem is the clean room electrical system installation, including clean lights.

Clean Room Electrical System

At present, there are many ways to clean room the wall panel, the main reason is that the site opening flexibility is relatively large, the construction efficiency is high.

In terms of cleanroom wall panels opening, article 4.3.4 of clean room construction and acceptance code stipulates that metal sandwich panel is not easy to open holes on site.All kinds of holes on the panel should be cut square, neat edge, the edge of the filling material should be used to evenly inlaid sealant seal;

The biggest problem for the small hole is the presence of dust inside the hole, which enters the indoor hidden danger through the gaps such as switches and sockets. At the same time, the dust enters the interior of the electrical appliances, which will also have a certain impact on the life or safety.

For large holes such as air supply outlets, lamps, columns, etc., if no special treatment, there will be secondary pollution, and the overall strength of the plate will decline, especially in the clean plate installation project.

Therefore, to reduce the hidden danger as much as possible, the location of the hole must be pre-processed, preferably in the factory pre-fabricated processing.This includes the installation of electrical systems and the preinstallation of wire pipes.

Clean Panel Can Be Hole And Threading Tube

Wiskind as a clean panel suppliers, open hole and electrical system installation for modular cleanroom panels can be prefabricated assembly directly to the plate inside, mastercard design team, according to the project drawing of each block clean plate, to open a hole and threading pipe clean room panel specifications calculation and production scheduling, workshop production and packaging according to the needs of the designer.

Wiskind insists on providing more cost-effective products. Wiskind has independently developed a set of internationally advanced continuous production system for purification panel, with the maximum capacity of 2 million ㎡/ year, and can produce a variety of core material purification panel.However, Wiskind stands out in that our panel offers outstanding benefits our competitors will struggle to match. They include:

  • High-precision composite: the new process board is composite from the inside of the high-precision composite machine, and the side of the board is clamped and positioned with side mold;
  • The flatness of the board is higher: in the flatness of the board and lateral verticality, the new equipment adopts the single plate pressing technology, steel mold single block pressing up and down the material, the flatness is high, to avoid the moon bending, distortion and deformation phenomenon of the multi-layer pressing;
  • Straighter lateral verticality: set lateral mold fixed to ensure lateral verticality, completely avoid the displacement of the upper and lower steel plates when compounding, resulting in dimensional error, to ensure the accuracy of plate joints after installation;
  • Plate thickness is consistent: the thickness of the plate depends on the thickness positioning of the side equal blocks. The thickness consistency of the plate after composite is high, avoiding uneven plate surface after installation.

  • Automatic cloth glue: using adhesive root technology, the quality is more stable, the automatic line of rock wool purification board adhesion strength than the industry excellent traditional manual products 50% higher, in the flexural capacity, the automatic line of rock wool purification board than the industry excellent traditional manual products 12% higher.

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