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What are the main costs of building a clean room?

Jul 26,2019 | Blog

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For clean room users, we all know that clean room is one of the most complex design Spaces.Clean rooms provide a space where the amount of particulate matter in the air can be adjusted. Many customers also need clean rooms for research, development and production.Some of these cleanrooms comply with customers' own sops, or standard operating procedures, and some comply with regulatory requirements.Overall, the clean room presents some unique design challenges as it offers a unique interior space compared to other indoor environments.What does it cost to build such a complex and expensive clean room?After reading the article, I believe you will be able to know.

Aluminium Composite Panel

Clean room grades are generally in accordance with international organization for standardization (ISO) standards.The standard sets different levels of cleanliness by specifying the number of particulates in the air in a clean room: from ISO 8 (100,000) to ISO 3 (1).

So what are the common types of aluminium composite panel?

Build: custom built, allowing any shape and flexibility to adapt to existing conditions.

Modularization (used abroad more) : this is a Aluminium Composite Panel system, usually using standard modular size, factory made after

To the scene.It is then assembled on site by trained professionals.

Hybrid: a combination of the two methods described above.

The composition of the clean room

Depending on the function of the cleanroom, its space design and layout will vary.However, most cleanrooms have similar components to operate successfully. They include:

The dressing clean room.The first space encountered after entering the clean room is the changing room, where employees can change into the correct equipment before entering the clean room for operation.

Middle room, first into the vestibule and then into or out of the clean room.

Air shower, similar to the front office, is designed for people or equipment.

Transfer Windows are used to move samples from one room to another clean room of different grades.

The presence of Windows in the clean room is primarily for safety reasons.It is important to ensure that people working in clean rooms are safe.Clean room Windows are flush glass to avoid additional cleaning burdens.

Clean Room Windows

What influences the construction cost of clean rooms?

Cleanrooms are widely used in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, microelectronics, semiconductors and medical devices.The high cost per square meter of clean room in pharmaceutical industry is mainly due to the use of 316 stainless steel resistant to corrosion.The pharmaceutical industry often sterilizes cleanrooms, usually with evaporated hydrogen peroxide or chlorine dioxide.Because both methods corrode some metals, stainless steel is a necessity in the pharmaceutical industry's cleanrooms.

The clean room needs specialized materials and systems, which also increases its construction cost, such as:

Dust-free floors are usually provided for casting epoxy resin or ethyl carbamate or PVC substrates with hot welds.These types of floors form an integral continuous floor system.

Clean room lighting usually consists of a lens and a sealing fixture.These special fixtures are designed to flush the program and prevent air from seeping out.

Cleanroom equipment is usually made of higher-grade materials, such as stainless steel, and other measures are required to keep it clean and prevent leakage.Some equipment may include sealed exits for power and data (with biological seals), recessed exit signs and dedicated telephones, walkie-talkies and cameras.All of these materials provide easy-to-clean surfaces and other advantages, such as chemical resistance.

HEPA filter is a high-performance filter used to reduce the amount of particulate matter in the air.These filters require special cleaning and replacement.This can be done in a clean room, remotely above the clean room, or on air handling equipment.

Professional cleanroom furniture is usually made of stainless steel and/or high-grade plastic.

Supply and exhaust (mechanical systems) are major cost factors for a clean room.Air handling is a costly business, but costs vary widely, depending on the ISO rating of the clean room, temperature control, pressurization, and relative humidity requirements.

All in all, each of these categories adds to the cost of designing and building clean rooms.Normally, the construction cost of ISO 8 to ISO 7 clean room can range from 2000 yuan/m2 to 5000 yuan/m2 or higher.Working with experienced cleanroom designers can help companies identify their design priorities and control the cost of building cleanrooms accordingly.

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