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/Tensile Strength High Pressure Laminate HPL Cleanroom Door For Pharmaceutical

Tensile Strength High Pressure Laminate HPL Cleanroom Door For Pharmaceutical

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  • Color:

  • Specification:

  • Door Frame Material:

    High Strength Aluminum Alloy
  • Door Frame Thickness:

  • Door Leaf Material:

  • Filler:

    Flame Retardant Paper Honeycomb, Aluminum Honeycomb
  • View Panel:

    Double glazing, frosted glass, rounded corners, right angles, (border white and black)
  • Surface :

    Electrostatic Alumina Profile
  • Hinge:

    Aluminum Cleaning Special Hinge
  • Sealing Device:

    Door sealing strip and door bottom automatically pressing the sealing strip
The HPL Cleanroom door is made of 50mm thick door frame aluminum alloy splicing set angle, which is flush with the wall panel. It is dust-free and easy to clean. Our clean room door can be connected with the brick wall and has a pull-down bottom seal to ensure Air tightness, mainly used in clean rooms for pharmaceuticals, microelectronics, laboratories, hospitals, etc.

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  • Product Details

Single Cleanroom Doors Specification 

900mm*2100mm  1000mm*2100mm  

Double Cleanroom Doors Specification

1200mm*2100mm  1500mm*2100mm  

Door Frame Material 

High Strength Aluminum Alloy  

Door Frame Thickness


Door Leaf Material 



Flame Retardant Paper Honeycomb, Aluminum Honeycomb  

View Panel  

Double Glazing,Frosted Glass 

Rounded Corners,Right Angles  

Border : White,Black  

Surface Treatment 

Electrostatic Alumina Profile 


304 Stainless Steel Handle Lock, Elbow Pressure Ball Lock, Safety Pressure Bar Lock  

Can Be Equipped With Electronic Interlock  

Optional With Gai Ze, An Langjie Imported Brand Locks  


Aluminum Cleaning Special Hinge 

Sealing Device  

Door Sealing Strip

Door Bottom Automatically Pressing The Sealing Strip  


1、HPL clean room doors can withstand frequent disinfectionby pharmaceutical plants (can withstand general VHP disinfection) and canachieve Class B fire rating.
2、HPL cleanroom panel is non-toxic, odorless, bacteria-resistant, abrasion-resistant, scratch-resistant, moisture-resistant, impact-resistant; surface is seamless, dirt-resistant,not fading, no dust, no dust, easy to clean. 

3、Equipped with drop down bottom seal to ensure the air tightness.All doors with double-glazed toughened glas (size:400mm*600mm) as view window. 

4、Application: Cleanrooms for pharmaceuticals, micro-electronics, lab, hospitals, etc. 

HPL Cleanroom Door

Medical space is different from office, catering, hotel and other space, the choice of decorative materials must be suitable for the special medical working environment, flame retardant, low formaldehyde, anti-pollution, easy to clean, no mildew, no dust, easy to maintain.Reasonable material collocation will enable patients to seek medical treatment happily and effectively in a safe and healthy medical environment.

Wiskind in the choice of Wilsonart, the use of international famous brand via Asia, modern medical space needs "humanized, functional, artistic, ecological" decorative materials, via Asia product series fully in line with the overall application of the functional areas, is the best choice of modern medical space decoration design.

Exceptional Cleanliness

Injection centers, nurses' stations, and exam rooms are easy places for stains and drugs.The bedside table of the sick room often has soup trace, medicine mark, coke mark and other stubborn stains;Main channel metope, door leaf, toilet is the place that bacterium virus often patronage more, the Wilsonart that passes special craft to handle decorates a face material, make besmear adhere to permeate hard, easier cleanness, still can satisfy with go up requirement, make the consistent choice of numerous hospitals.

Durable, such as new

The coming and going of the doctor, the flow of medical carts, sharp medical equipment, splashing reagent, frequent disinfection and cleaning......Are constantly testing the hospital's facade.

Strictly following the NEMA standard (one of the most strict standards in the refractory board industry), weisheng ya surface decoration materials are wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, shockproof, waterproof, moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant, so that you can experience the real "durable as new".

rich in color

The architectural decoration of modern hospitals is no longer white. The interior decoration of waiting areas, doctors' offices and wards tends to be family-like and warm.The choice of material should satisfy functional sex not only, still ask simple sense and warm, design and color are rich, can bring comfortable and self-confidence to the patient, make them restore health smoothly in the atmosphere that simple sense place builds in warm colour and material.

Antibacterial protection

On the wards, patients' weakened bodies, even infected with common bacteria, may aggravate the disease or develop other symptoms.

The research shows that the use of antibacterial surface decoration can effectively reduce the bacteria adhesion and greatly reduce the contact cross infection rate.

going green and environmental protection

In today's medical construction rapid development, the hospital medical environment and facilities of changes have taken place in different change, environmental protection concept already more and more thorough popular feeling, people realize the importance of environmental protection act the role of material, in various forms in decorating, also as far as possible choose environmental protection decoration material, improve the hospital indoor environment, to ensure a healthy life.

Wilsonart special formaldehyde emission low, green environmental protection, no harm to the human body, no pollution to the environment, is the ideal choice of hospital decoration materials.

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