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The Importance of Paper Honeycomb and Aluminum Honeycomb in Cleanroom

Feb 06,2020 | Blog

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As Wiskind visited in a previous blog post, if you have decided to refurbish or expand a pharmaceutical plant. During the detailed design phase, you need to make critical decisions about the facilities you run and the quality of the materials you build. This will determine the service life of the cleanroom of the pharmaceutical factory, which is related to your annual profit. Cleanroom materials are one of the most important decisions you make.

If you're not sure what kind of core material is suitable for your organization, why not take the time to understand the benefits of these core materials? Wiskind has proven the characteristics and advantages of the two core materials based on more than 40 years of production experience. The following can choose the appropriate core material according to your requirements.

Wiskind Cleanroom Panel

What is paper honeycomb?

Paper honeycomb is a honeycomb-shaped cardboard made of two layers of paper and an intermediate honeycomb paper core. The honeycomb paper core is a continuous honeycomb core material formed by a plurality of papers through a cementation and stretching process. Paper honeycomb is an environmentally friendly material currently being promoted in cleanrooms. It is especially suitable for high-grade cleanrooms and clean projects with high fire protection requirements. It is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material.

Paper honeycomb advantages:

1. Class B1 flame-retardant paper honeycomb cleanroom panel has the characteristics of lighter weight and high flatness. The paper honeycomb adopts a unique hexagonal structure, which has good tension and light weight. The paper honeycomb is only carbonized and does not burn. It is green and environmentally friendly. Building materials. It can be used to meet any standard of cleanroom, and establish a cleanroom with reasonable structure and GMP compliance.

2. Honeycomb panels can replace wooden boards in many pharmaceutical cleanrooms, which greatly reduces the cost of raw materials. Paper honeycombs, as recyclable materials, are in line with global environmental protection trends.

3. In a busy environment such as a pharmaceutical factory, the material transport trolley may hit and damage the cleanroom. Although the chance of this situation is usually small, if the damage occurs, it is caused by the shedding material (such as mineral fiber or PIR The core board) will fail immediately.

Paper Honeycomb Cleanroom Panel

The disadvantage is that its strength is not high, it absorbs moisture, and the tissue paper and steel plate are easily separated. Therefore, it is not suitable for people to walk when making cleanroom ceiling panels.

What is an aluminum honeycomb?

Aluminum honeycomb cleanroom panels are mainly manual cleanroom panel, which have the advantages of light weight and large bending capacity. Common specifications of aluminum honeycomb: 0.045mm aluminum foil, 20mm aperture, 12mm side length.

Aluminum honeycomb advantages:

1.Wiskind cleanroom wall panels can be used to reinforce the hole reinforcement and the line pipe box is assembled in the factory in the factory to effectively reduce the secondary pollution during use.

2.Considering the high cost of aluminum honeycomb panels, the recycling rate is high. If more clean rooms can be modularized, a set of honeycomb panels can be recycled as much as possible, and the cost of honeycomb panels can be greatly reduced. Aluminum honeycomb clean plates are mainly used in electronic clean rooms and have anti-static characteristics.

3. At Wiskind, the concept of a modular cleanroom system was proposed. Modular cleanrooms are becoming more and more popular in many industries. Such clean rooms are fast to install and easy to maintain.

Modular Cleanroom System

As a global supplier to Wiskind, we tend to give our customers different opinions and suggestions, and take this opportunity to learn more about the benefits of modular clean rooms to find out if they are suitable for your organization. As a custom service, we can integrate embedded vision panels, cleanroom doors, recesses, ducts and sockets to meet your requirements and form a comprehensive clean room facility in ISO 7+.

If you want to learn more about how Wiskind uses core materials in clean room installations, please contact us to discuss with the team of experts or visit the website www.wiskindcleanroom.com, we will be happy to help you with your cleanroom Into a sterile and efficient environment.

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