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The six advantages of Wiskind Cleanroom Steel Doors

Jul 15,2019 | Blog

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1、Advanced production equipment and technology: Wiskind's clean doors and windows project has positioned high-standard products from the beginning of the project, and introduced more than 20 advanced automatic door and window production equipment from domestic sources, from raw materials to cleanroom door and window products, high-precision automation. The production process takes the lead in the industry and responds to the fierce market demand with first-class product quality. Wiskind has Italy PrimaPower Pumabao - all imported sheet metal production line, with automatic control of the front feed positioning shearing machine, CNC bending machine, and the use of multiple Japanese YASKAWA Yaskawa automated robot welding and international advanced aluminum alloy door and window equipment, etc. Use the latest international technology and equipment to ensure product quality, further develop its own advantages, better serve customers and enhance brand image. In the end, the clean steel door has an excellent size, which reduces a series of problems caused by the deviation of the door body, uneven door gap, drooping of the door leaf, and easy deformation of the door structure.

Double Steel Cleanroom Doors

2、Door and window performance test: the most critical for the door is the deformation of the door after a long time of use, for which Wiskind has developed a fully simulated real-life door opening and closing test machine, after the new door structure comes out It is necessary to experiment more than 100,000 times on this test machine. Regarding the experimental data of the clean door, the aluminum alloy melamine door is 100,150 times, the aluminum alloy color plate door is 71,223 times, and the 0.8 mm door leaf cleanroom steel doors has been subjected to 95,000 times of experiments at 12 o'clock on July 10.

3、Surface color treatment: the entire surface of the door electrostatic resin powder coating, the thickness of the paint surface is not less than 70um micron grade paint surface, the steel plate substrate before the spraying is passivated, the paint surface adhesion is stronger, the durability is more than the general paint Good, with high temperature resistance, general disinfection, more suitable for long-term use in the pharmaceutical cleaning and other industries requiring frequent cleaning and disinfection. For melamine resin sheets, melamine resin sheets have excellent impact resistance, water resistance, moisture resistance, chemical resistance, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, particularly chemical resistance and frequent disinfection treatment. Moreover, the melamine resin board is a beautiful and multifunctional outdoor and indoor building material. For laboratories with frequent disinfection in laboratories, Wiskind recommends HPL clean doors.

4、The whole door leaf: The main body is made of two 1.0mm galvanized sheets with integrated folding side cover, and the joint is welded by mechanical arm (aerospace and automotive industry welding standard). The welding is stable and reliable, no welding, no welding, The middle part of the door leaf is reinforced with bridge inner keel structure, filled with flame-retardant paper honeycomb (aluminum honeycomb), and the core material is compounded with zero-formaldehyde environmentally-friendly hot-press glue, which is compounded by hot pressing equipment (the traditional industry is cold pressing, door core material). Easy to degumming, the door body is easy to deform after degumming. The overall structure of the door leaf is strong, it is not easy to be deformed, and the structural strength is more than twice that of similar products on the market.

5、The cleanroom window, made of double-layer 5mm ultra-white tempered glass (ordinary tempered glass, light transmittance of 80%, self-explosion rate of three thousandth, batches will have color difference), ultra-white tempered glass light transmittance can be It reaches 91%, the self-explosion rate is one in ten thousand, and there is basically no color difference. The black and white printed edges of the doors and windows are treated with a high temperature glaze process of 700 ° C or higher, and the color is smooth and uniform. The whole window and the door leaf are completely flush, seamless, beautiful and elegant, easy to clean and disinfect, produced in a dry constant temperature control environment, completely sealed around the perimeter, increased built-in desiccant, and enhanced internal drying effect. Prevents condensation inside the window in environments with high humidity and temperature difference (it can be filled with inert gas, enhanced window insulation and sound insulation).

6、The cleanroom door body perimeter seal: using (air, ship, precision electrical cabinet industry) German equipment, German technology, German polyurethane glue on-site foam production, stable structure, not easy to fall, life is ordinary bonding rubber seals 4 to 5 It can resist UV, alcohol and other disinfection. It is not easy to aging under frequent disinfection environment. It is non-toxic and harmless to the human body. It has excellent air tightness and can effectively prevent the pressure inside the clean room from being lost and ensure the air tightness in the clean room.

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