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Vaccine Development Requires Quality Cleanroom

Jan 29,2020 | Blog

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Recently, the epidemic of new-type coronavirus infection in Wuhan has affected people's hearts. The epidemic of new-type coronavirus has caused widespread concern internationally. The global scientific community and the pharmaceutical industry are cooperating with China.After communicating with WHO, CEPI announced that it has screened three new coronavirus (nCoV-2019) vaccine research and development projects worldwide for funding, with the aim of allowing vaccine candidates to enter clinical trials as soon as possible, and to invest in Prevention and control of infectious diseases in the world.

As we all know, the research and development of vaccines is done in biological cleanrooms. High-quality cleanroom can speed up the research and development of vaccines and have strict control over the quality of vaccines.Therefore, in the construction of the cleanroom, the principle of separation of people and logistics needs to be adopted to reduce experimental pollution and ensure safety.

Biological Cleanroom

Vaccines are one of the greatest medical achievements in the history of human medicine and a milestone in medical development. Not only have vaccines saved hundreds of millions of lives, but more importantly, they have also opened up a new way of fighting disease: prevention.In addition to reducing experimental pollution during the construction of the cleanroom, it is necessary to ensure sample safety, personal safety, environmental safety, and waste safety, so that the cleanroom can operate safely and for a long time. Comfortable and good working environment.

During the construction of the cleanroom,Wiskind found that at present some cleanroom designs are not reasonable and there are still many problems. According to the survey, there are two general situations in cleanroom engineering:

1. In the process of pollution control, the application of clean engineering technology is unfavorable, eventually leading to some pharmaceutical companies investing heavily in transformation, the quality of drugs has not significantly improved. The key technology in the cleanroom is mainly to control dust and microorganisms. As a pollutant, microorganisms are the most important control of medical cleanrooms. The pollutants accumulated in the medical plant equipment and pipelines can directly contaminate the drugs without affecting the cleanliness detection. In short: GMP requires air clean technology, and air clean technology does not represent GMP.

2. Most cleanroom HVAC systems have poor energy-saving effects, forming unnecessary expenditures and increasing the cost of drug production. Therefore, most pharmaceutical companies face the same problem: how to use energy reasonably to reduce energy consumption and achieve clean production.

Reducing energy consumption and reducing pollution are key concepts in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. You may encounter a period when the factory discards a large amount of product due to pollution. At Wiskind, we learned about the value of cleanroom panel to a variety of cleanroom systems. It reduces waste and turns company losses into profits rather than wasting resources. Cleanroom systems tend to produce high-quality output at higher speeds. With cleanroom panelscleanroom doorscleanroom windows, HEPA, your company can earn millions of dollars in revenue, attract customers, and build loyalty Get you closer to your goal.

As a service provider of cleanroom envelope systems, the design team has over 41 years of design experience and has overcome unique project challenges, including less than ideal space allocation, unique shapes, and reduced overhead cleaning. of. If you are looking for a professional team to build your cleanroom, please visit our website www.wiskindcleanroom.com and we will help you recognize everything that is good for your company.

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