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How do Hospitals use Negative Pressure Room?

Jan 27,2020 | Blog

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In hospitals, certain populations are more susceptible to airborne infections, including immune-compromised patients, newborns and the elderly.Of course, hospital workers and visitors can also get airborne infections.That's why it's important that certain rooms in a hospital have negative pressure.In China, hospitals built to combat the new coronavirus have all had negative pressure wards made up of cleanroom panels.Wiskind provided cleanroom panel for negative pressure isolation wards in Binzhou, Qingdao and Fujian provinces, Shandong province.

Negative Pressure Hospital

The negative pressure chamber in the hospital is used to contain air pollutants in the room.Harmful airborne pathogens include bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, molds, pollen, gases, etc.Patients with negative pressure isolation room are normally used for air, and the threat to the world of the new virus is the main route of transmission is airborne, virus detection in patients with positive new champions league will be placed in the negative pressure in the room, when patients when sneezing or coughing, others could be infected when inhaled, and put patients in the negative pressure wards, applying negative pressure isolation ward of adjacent areas, to prevent the spread of indoor air pollutants drift to other area, other sterile equipment produce cross contamination or pollution.

In addition to the negative pressure outside, positive pressure can be used in the room adjacent to the negative pressure chamber.The purpose of positive pressure is to ensure that airborne pathogens do not contaminate the patient or the supplies in the room.Positive pressure can be used in the operating room to protect patients and sterile medical and surgical supplies.Positive pressure rooms are generally considered to be the cleanest rooms in a hospital.

Create Negative and Positive Pressure Rooms

Special air pressure is provided to the room through the hospital's HVAC plumbing system.Because this builds the cleanroom wall of pressure room, cleanroom ceiling system and cleanroom door should use not to accumulate dust, do not produce dust, easy clean and the product with good air tightness.Wiskind cleanroom panel is connected by aluminum profile. After assembly, the seam of the board is controlled at 2-3mm, and neutral silica gel is selected for sealing.Wiskind cleanroom steel door, the use of imported equipment from Germany polyurethane surrounding sealing strip, elastic can maintain for 7 years, the anti-aging performance is the general silicone seal far beyond.

The future of clean rooms is the future of modern medicine. Clean rooms will create a more efficient and favorable environment for pharmaceutical, medical and health care industries.The clean face plate that chooses high grade and cleanroom door window are the priority among priorities at the beginning of construction.With 11 years of clean industry experience, Wiskind has been involved in many industries such as medicine, food and electronics, and has gradually become a high-end supplier of cleanroom panels for the pharmaceutical industry in China. It is our eternal pursuit to become the most trusted brand in the field of cleanroom envelope system.

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