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What is a mobile PCR nucleic acid testing laboratory?

Jun 25,2020 | Blog

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PCR laboratory is also called gene amplification laboratory. PCR is an abbreviation for Polymerase Chain Reaction. It is a molecular biology technique used to amplify specific DNA fragments, which can be regarded as special DNA replication in vitro. Through the DNA gene tracking system, you can quickly grasp the virus content in the patient's body, and its accuracy is as high as nanometers. It can accurately detect the amount of hepatitis B virus in the patient's body, whether it is replicated, whether it is infected, how strong the infectivity is, whether it is necessary to take medicine, liver Whether there are abnormal changes in function can promptly determine which type of antiviral drug is most suitable for the patient, determine the effect of the drug, and provide a reliable test basis for clinical treatment.

However, in the implementation process, it was faced with the problems of small original area, long construction period, and difficulty in transformation. The testing demand is not directly proportional to the testing capacity, and there is a certain resistance to the testing work. Wiskind's mobile PCR nucleic acid testing laboratory came into being. It is suitable for the rapid deployment of nucleic acid testing under special circumstances, and provides effective strategies and methods for places where the PCR laboratory cannot be transformed.

Mobile PCR Laboratory

Significance of the construction of PCR laboratory for assembled nucleic acid detection

1. High timeliness

When an outbreak occurs, the mobile box PCR laboratory can be quickly transported to the place where the outbreak occurred to carry out the detection work, and the control of the outbreak will have better results.

2. Good efficiency

When the epidemic occurs, a large number of PCR laboratories need to be built; after the epidemic, a large number of idle PCR laboratories cause tremendous waste. The mobile box PCR laboratory just solved this problem on the premise of meeting the urgent needs. When the nearby ( (For example, within 100 kilometers) If an epidemic occurs, it can be quickly transported to the place where the epidemic occurred for the inspection personnel to complete the inspection work. It really needs to be idle, or it can be activated after it is properly kept until needed.

3. Reduce the spread

Box-type PCR laboratories are used where the epidemic occurs, reducing the flow of patients, thereby reducing the path and time of virus transmission, and the epidemic will also be well controlled.

4. Reduce sample transfer time

In the face of patient samples without testing personnel, no laboratory testable, or due to delivery time and other issues, the initial inspection will be delayed for a day or two. The accuracy of the viral nucleic acid is obviously different, and the error will be relatively large. Can shorten the detection time, the accuracy will be greatly improved, shorten the detection time of pathogens, shorten the distance of virus circulation , all have a fundamental role in the control of the epidemic.

5. Product advantages

The container laboratory is a relatively new type of building system. Its appearance resembles that of a container. It is a PCR laboratory transformed from a traditional container box. It is a value-added use of containers. It is characterized by being very strong and able to withstand greater pressure. The installation can be basically completed in the factory, and the finished product can be transported to the site by car. It can be spliced and can be directly hoisted during transportation, which is very convenient. The state promotes the concept of "green environmental protection, low carbon energy saving", and the container laboratory for temporary sites meets the needs of emergency inspections. And it can be used again, easy to disassemble and install, superior performance, stable and firm, good shock resistance, relatively low cost, and very safe.

The general assembly-type nucleic acid testing laboratory uses standard containers to design strictly in accordance with the requirements of the PCR laboratory, and sets up decontamination rooms, which are highly integrated with water, electricity, wind, equipment and other specialties; the cabinet is equipped with lighting, ultraviolet lamps, cabinets, equipment, Refrigerators, etc.; the air supply pipe is integrally formed in the box body, and connected by special components outside the box body; the exhaust air is set separately, and the air column is integrated with the exhaust fan; when used as a vehicle laboratory, the drainage device uses a collection device, which regularly passes through the sewage The material outlet is taken out; when transported to the site for fixed use, the drainage pipe is connected to the biological wastewater treatment tank of the unit. 98% of the construction work is completed at the factory, and transportation to the site only requires a flat site, and the necessary water and electricity docking can complete the installation.

Nucleic Acid Testing Laboratory

It has the following five advantages:

1. Small footprint

A mobile box PCR laboratory composed of a standard container. The experimental process including the equipment inside is constructed in accordance with the standard PCR laboratory, and according to the "Technical Standards for the Construction of Medical Biosafety Secondary Laboratories-T/CECS 626G2020" Mobile laboratories are required to be equipped with decontamination rooms. The storage area is about 52.5 square meters. It can be used as a vehicle-mounted laboratory in an emergency. It does not require any installation when it is transported to the epidemic place. Any hospital or epidemic place will have a parking space of about 52.5 square meters.

2. The installation requirements are not high

Since the container has completed all installations configured in a single box before leaving the factory, water, electricity, wind, waste water and exhaust gas discharge systems have been equipped in the box, while ensuring the safety of the external environment, under the condition of flat foundation on site , Only need to carry out simple lifting, placement, water supply and electricity docking of the box, and the assembly is really fast. The docking installation itself does not require very professional personnel. Regular disease control maintenance personnel or engineering personnel can integrate the container professionally. Docking together to become a complete box PCR laboratory.

3. Fast pollution elimination

The box is usually placed outdoors, which is good for patients or viruses. The outdoor air circulation is fast, and it will not be highly concentrated and stay like the indoor air, which increases the infectivity of the virus. The box PCR laboratory effectively avoids Aggregation and infectivity. When the internal environment of the box-type PCR laboratory is contaminated, the fresh air can be quickly replaced by the air supply and exhaust system to meet the laboratory purification requirements.

4. Be a renewable resource

The box-type PCR laboratory can be reused. After the epidemic is over, after disinfection by professionals, it can be re-shipped to the disease control center, hospital, port, or third-party testing and other units for reuse, or can be professionally stored and maintained, as needed When it is put into use again, it promotes cost savings and resource reuse.

Assembly Nucleic Acid Testing PCR Laboratory

The higher level of security Introduction

The laboratory benches and equipment in the cabinet are subject to anti-vibration, anti-corrosion and anti-infection measures as required. Compared with ordinary PCR laboratories, the protection of personnel and virus safety is a higher level and level.

The epidemic situation of the new coronary pneumonia is serious, with a wide range and many infected people. If the infected people cannot be detected in time and effectively isolated, the prevention and control of the epidemic will become more and more severe. The new and fixed PCR cannot be applied to all hospitals and institutions. It is restricted by many venues, and the cost of manpower and material resources is relatively high. The mobile PCR shelter laboratory makes up for this shortcoming. It not only has low cost and high efficiency It can be quickly deployed and experimented, which greatly eases the pressure of nucleic acid detection. It is undoubtedly the best choice for many institutions with testing needs.

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